Buying Selling  Trading Boutique High End And Vintage Guitars And Amps
Buying Selling Trading Boutique High End And Vintage Guitars And Amps
By Chris Wilcox - December 28, 2019

With the new decade nearly upon us, Roadhouse Vintage would like to take a moment to thank our current customers and also to remind both current and futures customers of our mission. In other words, the reasons we are in business.

Utilizing both our physical location in the United States (Bigfork, Montana) and our mobile location in Canada, we provide our customers with cool guitars and amps. We specialize in only the best. Brands such as Tom Anderson, Soldano, Bogner, Diezel, Dr Z, Don Grosh, James Trussart, Suhr, Fender Custom Shop, and Gibson Custom Shop are just a small sample of the brand names that you will find in our inventory at all times. We don’t sell junk and we don’t stock common, cookie-cutter, foreign made crap that you can find at about 12 million other online stores. If we don’t think its cool, we don’t pretend like it is just to sell it to someone.

Are we ‘Guitar Snobs’?

Without a doubt!

It is not just electric guitars either. We have been known to get all giddy and giggly over Santa Cruz, Collings, Huss & Dalton and Mcpherson. If it is boutique, chances are we are interested, whether you can plug it in or not.

At Roadhouse Vintage you will find that 90%+ of our inventory is pre-owned. We specialize is buying from our customers as well as selling to them, and we are never afraid to talk trades. Good gear is good gear and it certainly does not have to be ‘new’ to have value. Indeed, you will find value here simply because you are not paying new price, but you are getting a guitar in basically new condition. If you are looking for cash for your high-end guitar or amp, let us know what you’ve got and we will make you an offer.

Roadhouse Vintage is able to ship worldwide and since we ship a wide variety of guitars, as well as amps and cabinets, we figure out shipping costs after we have your shipping address. We will never gouge you on shipping, we just strive to be accurate and lets face it; we can’t ship a full stack for the same price as a guitar!

Speaking of which, even though we exist in both Canada and the United States, all of our prices are always in USD. (that is US dollars, for those of you who are abbreviationally challenged:) Paypal is our standard method of payment in the United States, but we also use other methods such as Square, among others.

Since we are always buying guitars and amps, you are welcome to contact us with what you may have for sale. What you are not welcome to do is ask us if ‘we are interested’ in your item. That is a stupid question. If you have a cool guitar or amp OF COURSE WE ARE INTERESTED!!!! But as is the case with most things in life, it depends upon the price. We cannot gauge our interest unless you tell us what you want for something. You have a price in mind when you contact us. Don’t pretend like you don’t. Step up to the plate and tell us what you want. If it is way too much, it will save wasting both of our time. If its too little, then we encourage you to contact us more often with more things to sell! Seriously, the reason people don’t like to tell us what they want for something is that they are hoping we are complete morons and will pay $5k for a $1500 guitar. Rest assured, while we do have far less brain cells than we had back in the 1980’s, we haven’t made it this far by being complete imbeciles. Treat us the way you want to be treated and we will more than likely be able to put together a deal.

Speaking of the 80’s, we love 80’s guitars. 80’s amps are cool too, but we have a soft spot for Kramers, Charvels, Jacksons, BC Rich, and most of the other cool pointy-guitars from back in the day. We don’t get into stuff that was not American made very often, but if you have something with a Floyd that has been sitting in the closet for years, feel free to run it by us. We will not hesitate to pay you cash for it or allow you trade in value if we have something that you just can’t live without.

Our inventory moves quickly. We are not running a museum so we have guitars shipping out nearly every day of the week. If you see something that you just gotta have, it is best to jump on it rather than wait and find the dreaded ‘out of stock’ tag applied to the pic. If you don’t have the funds at the moment, no problem, we can do layaway as well. Just let us know how much you can afford to put down and what type of payment you’d like to make and we can go from there. You will find that we are fairly easy dudes to get along with, so don’t hesitate to ask. Our layaway policy is ‘it has to work for both of us.’

If you visit our physical location in Montana, be aware that we are not sitting there every day breathlessly anticipating your arrival. We are open by appointment only and we are not the kind of store that you come in and browse. That is what the website is for. Seldom is most of our inventory even in the store, so commonly what most people do is let us know what guitar(s) or amp(s) they are interested in, and we make sure we have those specifics ones on site when you come in. If you are just looking to window shop that is more than cool; its in fact exactly why we put so much time, effort, and money into this website!

So, in a nutshell, that is Roadhouse Vintage. We don’t try to be the biggest. Heck, we don’t even try to be the best:) What we do try to do is offer guitars and amps and occasionally effects, that we think are cool and of high quality for a decent price.  If it is old and vintage, that’s great. If it is new and high-end, even better. Overall, we are your source for something just slightly different amid the vast sea of musical internet sites that exist in the world today.