1967 Vox Ultrasonic V268 Cherry 335 Style Hollowbody Electric Guitar W/Onboard Effects-All Original/W Case!



1967 Vox Ultrasonic V268 335 Style Hollowbody Electric Guitar W/Onboard Effects-All Original/W Case!



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1967 Vox Ultrasonic V268 335 Style Hollowbody Electric Guitar W/Onboard Effects-All Original/W Case.

This rare guitar is all original and came from the original owner.

Made in Italy.

It is in exceptional condition for its age.

It has recently been given a pro set up and plays neck. The neck is excellent and the frets have plenty of life in them. It was not played much.

There is a built in E-tone for tuning and of course the onboard effects.

The effects appear to work fine to a varying degree. The Repeat function seems a bit faint and I’m not quite sure how effective the speed control actually is, but I obviously dont know how dramatic the effect was in the first place.

As pictured, the bar for the Bigsby is missing, but there is a replacement in the case.

Everything is all original and included, even the back button attached pad which is in great shape as well. As you can see by the pics, the plastic cover is missing a few screws which I may have laying around.

The body itself is nearly completely free of dings, maybe some light surface scratches here and there but thats about it.

Also of note is that the original pickguard has warped a bit, which you can also see in the pictures.

Original case is included and all latches are intact etc.

I have put up a ton of pics, so please scroll through and if you would like to see something not pictured, just let me know.

Overall, this is a very clean example of a rare guitar that came from a single owner.

Is it perfect? Heck no, but its in darn nice condition for a vintage piece that is over 50 years old!





From Vox:

The Vox Ultrasonic guitar was offered in the 1967 “Vox, It’s Whats Happening” and the 1968 “The Sound That Travels With the Stars” catalogs.

The design of the V268 Ultrasonic guitar was doubtlessly influenced by the growing popularity of the Gibson ES-335 in the late 1960s. By including a series of battery powered onboard special effects in their “335 style” model, Vox hoped to lure customers away from a Gibson.

The 1968 US Vox catalog described the V268 Ultrasonic as follows: “A beautiful double cutaway electric acoustic guitar. Has built-in E tuner, distortion booster, treble and bass booster, Wah-Wah, repeat percussion. Has a completely new VOX easy-to-fret fast-neck with the famous VOX double T-bar and adjustable steel rod. Two exclusive VOX Ferro-Sonic pickups for wide range high fidelity. Has new positive action adjustable spring tremolo. One volume and two-tone controls. 3 position pickup selector switch. Sunburst or Cherry.” The 1968 US Vox price list indicated that the retail price of the Ultrasonic guitar was $450 USD. In today’s dollars, the Ultrasonic would retail for about $2875.

The Ultrasonic guitar was produced for Vox in Italy by EKO in Recanati Italy. A decal on the back of each guitar states: “Made by Vox in Italy.”