1982 Vintage USA Made Kramer Headless Aluminum Neck Voyager Guitar-Rare!


1982 Vintage USA Made Kramer Headless Aluminum Neck Voyager Guitar in Blue Sparkle.




Roadhouse USA location:

1982 Vintage Kramer Headless Aluminum Neck Voyager Guitar.

Safe to say that here is a guitar you won’t see every day:)

I have had literally hundreds of USA made Kramers pass through my hands over the years and this is the ONLY guitar like this that I have ever seen.

Made in the USA.

Serial #B3603, which probably dates it at around 1982.

Not a lot of info available on this one, but it appears to be some kind of Voyager. Where it differs from every one vintage Kramer Voyager you might see is the fact that it has an Aluminum neck AND it is headless!


The guitar itself is in incredible shape for its age. The neck is great, frets are very good, finish is still superb. Couple of tiny,  touched up spots on the back of the neck that you can’t really see due to the finish, which is a black to blue fade, sparkle type finish. Overall, just super clean for a 40+ year old Kramer. Almost unbelievably so.

Looks to be all original.

Not much else to say about this guitar. It is obviously beyond rare and if you are a vintage Kramer guy, this is probably the only one you will ever see.

Comes as pictured in a nice gigbag, although since I hate gigbags, I may have found some type of hard case for it once it gets ready to ship out. (obviously won’t be original hard case, if there ever even was one)