Bogner Brixton High Gain 12watt Hand-wired Tube Head



Bogner Brixton High Gain 12watt Hand-wired Tube Head in like new condition.



Rare, discontinued Bogner Brixton 12 watt tube head.
This is the high gain model of the series, hand-wired in the Bogner Custom Shop.
Great tone at controllable volumes.

Production Discontinued January 2014! 

The Brixton is an aggressive high gain amplifier within a compact, easy to carry head or combo. Perfect where high gain tones are wanted but need to be controlled in volume. Imagine plugging into an amp that sometimes thinks it’s half great white shark and half pit bull but listens to your every command. The Brixton’s angry in your face tonal attitude is both defiant and fearless. A pair of 6V6’s in the fixed biased class AB power amp deliver 12 watts.

The three position standby switch can engage a low power mode with roughly 6 watts for lower volume with a softer feel and tone.

Volume and Gain controls allow you to dial in a wide range of semi clean, crunch and high gain sounds.

The Deep switch changes the tone and feel from tight focused with fast attack to

full voiced with increased bass and slower attack. The Voice switch is interactive with the gain control. The center position is the normal voice setting and switch to the right position for a bright, open and aggressive sound, toggle to the left for extreme higher gain at bedroom volumes.

All international amplifiers feature high quality components, custom wound transformers, aluminum chassis and our unique black comet tolex with a classic salt & pepper grill.