Ibanez MTM1 Mick Thomson Slipknot Signature Series Electric Guitar W/Case


Ibanez MTM1 Mick Thomson Signature Series Electric Guitar W/Case.



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Ibanez MTM1 Mick Thomson Signature Series Electric Guitar W/Case.

This guitar is MINT, collector’s grade condition.

Complete package with the original case (also in near perfect shape!) the plastic is still on the pickups!

They don’t make this guitar anymore, so if you have been looking for one you will not find a cleaner example anywhere. Even has the sales receipt from when the original owner bought it new:)

The MTM1 Mick Thompson Signature Electric Guitar has a 5-piece thru-neck and mahogany body that pump out the full, fat tone with strong sustain that makes Mick’s playing in Slipknot so profound. It’s as awe-inspiring (and dangerous looking) an electric guitar as the artist who designed it. An Edge FX bridge offers double-locking stability with fixed bridge simplicity and sustain. This is a guitar made for heavy rock and metal, featuring Seymour Duncan Blackouts humbuckers, a mahogany body for rich warm lows and sweet sustain, and 24 jumbo frets offering easy playing for leads and chording. Factory equipped with heavy strings tuned to Mick’s preference of C# tuning with a dropped B: (low to high) B-F#-B-E-G#-C#.


  • 5-piece Wizard II thru-neck
  • Mahogany body
  • Jumbo frets
  • Bound rosewood fretboard
  • MTM1 special inlay
  • Fixed Edge bridge
  • Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups
  • Black hardware


The MTM1 is the result of a partnership between Thompson and Ibanez and features a solid mahogany body with a thru-neck laminated from five pieces of mahogany and maple.

The rosewood fingerboard is inlaid with the legend ‘Seven’, just in case you forget who designed this guitar. The neck on the MTM1 runs uninterrupted all the way from the headstock to the strap pin. This allows the pickups and the bridge to be mounted directly to the neck wood, providing sustain that even Nigel Tufnel would go crazy for.