Kahn Audio Pak Series Guitar Tube Amp W/Case


Kahn Audio Pak Series Guitar Tube Amp W/Case.



Roadhouse USA location:

Kahn Audio Pak Series Guitar Tube Amp.

Very cool, ultra portable, and more importantly, sounds great!

The ultimate fly-amp or back-up for your main rig.

This one is in mint condition and comes in the original hard case with extra tubes.

From Kahn Audio:


The smallest 18 watt, 100% all tube guitar amp in the world…Seriously.  And we have three flavors to choose from. PAK I– A hot rodded take on the early workhorse amps of classic rock and roll.  The PAK II- British steel at its finest. For those who love the blackface vibe there is the F-PAK. Bouncy, fun and full.



  • Gain and Master Controls
  • (2) 12AX7 and (2) 6AQ5 tubes
  • Bright and Boost Switches
  • Boost foot switchable
  • Treble, Middle, Bass tone stack
  • Buffered FX Loop Send and Return
  • plate driven tone stack


Buffered FX Loop Send and Return (PAK 1/PAK 2)

  • Speaker response simulated balanced line out
  • Silent operation with internal 8 ohm load resistor
  • Speaker Impedance selector – 8 and 16 ohm
  • Built in cooling fan with on/off switch
  • Made in USA custom Heyboer transformers
  • Compact size: 9″ x 7″ x 2 1/2″
  • 6.5 lbs total weight
  • Export voltage switch 100V 220V
  • 18 watts @5% THD
  • fixed biased
  • long tail pair phase inverter