Lowden GL-10 Electric Guitar Koa Top/Flame Maple Neck-Awesome!


Lowden GL-10 Electric Guitar W/Koa Top/Flame Maple Neck. Original Case.




Roadhouse USA location:

Lowden GL-10 Electric Guitar W/Koa Top/Flame Maple Neck.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Lowden acoustic guitars (See the Brazilian 038 that is also now in stock at Roadhouse Vintage!) They are special guitars and that fact is patently obvious every single time you play one. The GL-10’s carry on that tradition in spades.

Guitar is in mint condition and comes as pictured with original case, COA, etc.

It plays superbly, it looks incredible, and handmade in Ireland, these are tough to find in this country.

Every part of this build is simply stellar and exquisite.


Serial #-E0077


Model-GL-10 Koa


Middle Laminate-Pau Ferro

Top-Figured Koa

Neck-5 piece Flamed Maple/Walnut



Hardware-Gold Gotoh

Pickups-Lollar Imperial

Tuners-Gotoh 510’s in gold w/Ebony buttons

Stellar guitar from a legendary maker.




From Lowden:

Forty years on from when George Lowden first built an electric guitar, 2018 sees the introduction of the all new GL-10 electric. George says: “My interest was revived through a request from an artist in 2016. I went away on a retreat to think through the design options. The first prototype exceeded my expectations in terms of visual appeal, balance and, in the guitar’s inherent design features, a natural ability to sustain without trying!” The single cut pairs instantly recognisable Lowden characteristics and carefully crafted contours with unique design features finely tuned for that signature tone and sustain. The GL-10 embodies classic Lowden character, drawing from over 40 years of guitar making heritage to invite the player to explore new tonal possibilities that await.

George built the prototype for Ed Sheeran a few years ago.  Ed had asked George to build the electric guitar for a close friend of his.  George delivered the guitar to Ed and he liked it so much, he asked George “Can you make me one too?”.  At this point George realized he had built something special.  Then was born the George Lowden Electric GL10 Guitar.

It was introduced at NAMM 2018 and everybody was buzzing about it.  All the elegance and craftsmanship of a Lowden, but in an electric version.  With Lolar pick ups an master grade woods the guitar has bags of tone.