Marshall Custom Shop JTM-1 Offset Stack Guitar Tube Amp


Marshall Custom Shop JTM-1 Offset Stack.



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Killer little Marshall Custom Shop JTM-1 Offset Stack!

You won’t find these every day.

This one is in perfect condition and sounds great. Nice little conversation piece for your man-cave, home office, or even your living room.

These heads come up for sale every now and then, but this is probably the only complete stack I will see for quite some time. If you have had your eye on one of these, now is the time to grab one.


From Marshall:

Inspired by the looks of the vintage offset JTM45 amplifier heads, the Marshall Custom Shop Offset Stack delivers classic Marshall tones in a room-friendly 1W amplifier. This low-wattage package utilizes ECC83 tubes in the preamp and an ECC82 for the power amp. The matching cabinet sports a 10″ Celestion G10F-15 speaker. Even the controls are vintage inspired: just Volume and Tone controls, which are all you need for iconic rock-revolution tones. Create everything from articulate cleans to classic crunch and beyond with the Marshall Custom Shop Offset Stack.

Switchable between 1W /.01

Marshall’s Custom Shop Offset Stack proves that low-wattage amps can be a force to reckon with. Just one watt powers all the classic rock tone you can handle, and you can even use the Low Power switch to drop the wattage to just .01W, for cranked-amp sounds at civilized volume levels.

Vintage Marshall vibe

The Marshall Custom Shop Custom JTM Offset Stack sounds like a forgotten treasure from the ’60s, thanks to its specially voiced all-tube signal path and Celestion speaker. The sound is open and dynamic, with plenty of bite, just like a vintage Marshall JTM amplifier. But it also looks period-accurate too, with an old-school Marshall logo, offset amplifier control panel, vintage-style grille cloth, and other subtle touches that are sure to turn heads.

Exceptional cabinet construction delivers solid performance

The Marshall Custom Shop JTM Offset Stack features a 1 x 10″ cabinet that houses a 10″ Celestion G10F speaker for pure vintage vibe. Made from 12mm birch plywood with 18mm finger joints, the JTM Offset cabinet is built to last by the amp pros at Marshall UK. The cabinet’s semi-open back gives this cabinet a lively, open sound in a small package. It’s perfect for smaller studios that need huge tone without the deafening volume of a giant stack. The vintage-style grille cloth was handmade for this limited-edition amp.

All-tube design featuring ECC83 and ECC82 tubes
Low Power switch takes the amp from 1W to 0.1W
Class A amp design and all-tube signal path for pure, vintage tone
Volume and Tone controls
Built tough to last by Marshall UK
Celestion G10F-15 10″ speaker
Birch plywood construction makes this cabinet ultra-rugged
Handmade grille cloth
Mirrored aluminum front and rear panels