Marshall LEAD 15 G15MS Mini Stack Rare Purple/Basket Weave Cabs


Marshall LEAD 15 G15MS Mini Stack Rare Purple/Basket Weave Cabs. Perfect condition.



Roadhouse USA location:

Marshall LEAD 15 G15MS Mini Stack in rare purple with Basket Weave Cabs and head grills.

Very hard to find this little stack in purple and looking at it, you can see why. Its so cool looking your wife won’t even mind if you put in in the living room!

This one is in excellent+++ condition and sounds great. You are not going to find a better sounding or classier looking practice amp.

Frome Marshall:

Marshall Amplification introduces the MG15 LEAD 15 — Zakk’s longtime practice amplifier of choice — this Amp offers Marshall-size tone in a compact form.

15-Watt head power for that classic Marshall look.

Controls include PREAMP GAIN 1, PREAMP GAIN , MASTER Volume and MASTER Reverb level, as well as a 3-way EQ network with controls for Bass, Contour and Treble.The amp features Marshall’s circuitry, which accurately mimics the interaction of a tube amp’s power stage with the whatever loudspeakers it is driving. Additionally, it boasts a CD input, an Emulated Line Out and a Headphone jack that, when used, mutes the speakers, for “silent” practice sessions

Designed after the legendary Marshall stacks.

This mini sized AMP gives you the big Marshall-size tone in a compact form, in true classic Marshall form.

Specifications:15 Watts of Marshall Power

Designed by the Valvestate team

Twin Gain Controls for maximum preamp flexibility

Controls for Bass, Treble, and Contour for maximum tonal flexibility

Master Volume control

Spring Reverb

Headphone jack which mutes loud speakers

CD input

Line Out jack