Rare 80s Kramer Focus 8000 Bass Guitar Made in Japan Black W/Hard Case


Rare 80s Kramer Focus 8000 Bass Guitar Made in Japan Black W/Hard Case.




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Rare 80s Kramer Focus 8000 Bass Guitar Black W/Hard Case.

Excellent MIJ Kramer quality from the 80’s. This Focus 8000 model is hard to find these days and even harder to find one in the original hard case!

The bass shows some wear; it is black and from the 80’s so obviously, it ain’t perfect:)

But it does play well and everything is original and intact.

The case is missing the handle, but the fact that it actually HAS the case is the amazing thing.

If you have ever wanted one of these, this may be the only one you see for a while.




“The Focus 8000 were built from 1983 to 1989. These early models were built by Matsumoku and than later by ESP of Japan for Kramer. This is a very rare model. The body shape is referred to as a “Condor” but has some resemblance to a Gibson Explorer.

The neck is a bolt on maple with rosewood board, P-bass width nut, P-type headstock with the standard elephant-ear 4 in line tuners. Truss rod adjustment is in the base of the neck and so requires neck removal to adjust and is straight as an arrow, with low action. MOP dots, frets are excellent.

The bridge is a solid, German-made Schaller, top-loading with roller adjustment on each saddle. The passive electrics are a bit different for a bass: it has 2 pickups, the neck P/U being a standard P-type but the bridge P/U is unique. At first glance, it appears to be a MM type but it’s actually more like 2 J-bass P/Us joined together. There is a toggle switch to select which of the 2 bridge single coils to use and there is a 3 position toggle to select either P/U individually or both together. Each P/U has a separate volume pot and there’s a single tone pot. No pickguard: the electrics are accessed through a plate on the back. The only identifying markings is a serial number on the neck plate.

With the 2 different pickups, the switchable selections, and the bridge P/U having 2 separate coils, the range of sounds can be from bassy with just the neck P/U selected with no tone to almost a trebly, baritone guitar sound with the rearmost coil on the bridge P/U selected and the tone up. The slab body and the Schaller bridge give a lot of sustain.

The tone is quite unique with the switches and such. Goes from deep muddy waters, clean P-bass, P-J, J-Growl, Jaco-esque tones from the bridge pups, really diversified.”