Schecter USA Custom Shop PT Dream Machine II Walnut


Schecter USA Custom Shop PT Dream Machine II Walnut. Original G&G hardcase.



Roadhouse USA location:

Killer eUSA Custom Shop PT Dream Machine II in Walnut.

Original G&G hardcase.

This guitar is laughably cool.

The build quality hearkens back to the old days of Schecter when Tom Anderson was there and the original Dream Machines were being made. Absolutely stellar, Custom Shop build.

The body is solid walnut. If you are one of those guys who feels the need to ask how much every guitar weighs; don’t bother. It’s HEAVY. Why wouldn’t it be in solid walnut? lol

Guitar is in mint condition and comes as pictured in original G&G Custom Shop Schecter case.

These are tough to come by. There weren’t many made and if you buy this one, you will realize why nobody lets go of them once they own one. Get it while you can.




When you think Schecter, do you think of metal guitars made overseas? Well nothing against those, they’re fine guitars, but this here is from the USA Custom Shop, and it is in a league of its own. Welcome to the Schecter USA PT Dream Machine II in Natural Walnut Satin finish.

It looks like a tele, but it punches like a hard rock legend. The natural look combined with the stunning black machined hardware and matching machined pickguard gives it a finished look that puts other, more expensive, custom shop pieces to shame.

Specs from Schecter:

A Return to a Custom Shop Classic

The PT Dream Machine II solidbody electric guitar harkensback to Schecter’s days of building high-end custom guitars in the late ’70sand early ’80s. The PT Dream Machine II’s body is built from a rich piece ofwalnut for its large bottom end and clear highs. A duet of Schecter’s USA humbucking pickups offers plenty of output. And the Schecter PTDream Machine II, from the electronics to the frets, exudes the qualitycraftsmanship that has made Schecter so popular with A-list players.

From Schecter’s USA Custom Shop

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, Schecter Guitars outfittedsome of the world’s most popular players with high-end, custom electric guitarsthat were built to the artist’s specs. This PT Dream Machine II is a throwbackto those days and the original Dream Machine guitars. Built in the same USACustom Shop, the PT Dream Machine II boasts features like exotic woods, JescarGerman silver fret wire, and Schecter USA Custom Shop humbuckers. Schecter hasbeen building great guitars for years, but the PT Dream Machine II is youropportunity to own a custom piece of their history.

Exotic tonewoods

Every inch of the Schecter PT Dream Machine II solidbodyelectric guitar is built from gorgeous and exotic tonewoods. The walnut bodygives the guitar a tone with a large low end and plenty of top-end clarity. Afigured bird’s-eye maple neck is capped with a 22-fret pau ferro fretboard. Pauferro is a reddish-brown wood that is smooth to the touch and helps notes jumpoff your guitar’s neck. And the PT’s natural satin finish allows all of thegrain and figure of the wood to show through beautifully, a feature the guitaristsat Sweetwater really dig.

High gain to crystal cleans

Onboard the PT Dream Machine II electric guitar is anelectronics package engineered to work in a variety of musical situations. Thetwo Supercharger humbucking pickups were designed and hand wound in Schecter’sUSA Custom shop. They have plenty of output for driving the front end of anamplifier or your favorite dirt boxes. But they’re voiced to offer plenty ofsustain and clarity when run completely clean as well. The tonewoods usedreally bring out the warm lows and present top end. And the guitar’s 25.5″scale length offers familiar bite and attack.

Schecter PT Dream Machine II Electric Guitar Features:
Solid walnut body

Pau ferro fretboard

Schecter-built Supercharger humbucking pickups

Jescar German silver frets