Vintage 80s Charvel Model 6 Neck Thru Guitar Red W/Charvel Safecase


Vintage 80s Charvel Model 6 Neck Thru Guitar Red W/Charvel Safecase Collectors Grade.




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Vintage 80s Charvel Model 6 Neck Thru Guitar Red W/Charvel Safecase.

If you have ever been on the Roadhouse Vintage site you know that we are fans of 80’s Kramers, Jackson, Charvels, BC Rich, etc. I have bought and sold many vintage Charvels from this era and this Model 6 is one of the cleanest I have ever seen.

Made in Japan, these 80’s Charvels were of such great quality it is laughable. Its also why they are so sought after now.

Awesome Ferrari Red, this one is a case queen. It has one ding on the tip of the headstock and some VERY light checking on the back of the neck that you can barely see. Both are pictured. The checking is just finish checking, nothing you can even feel with your fingers.

Comes with original Charvel Safe Case which actually has all the latches intact if you can believe that. Trem bar also included.

All stock and original.

If you are a collector, this is a good one!




The Charvel Model 6 is one of the top line guitars of the Charvel Model series. It features a neck-through construction and active electronics (Jackson JE-1200 circuit). As oposed to the Charvel model 1, model 2, model 3 and model 4. The Charvel Model 6 features a neckthrough construction with a bound maple neck and poplar body. The 1986 version had a Kahler 2300 ProVibrato but as of 1987 the Model 6 featured a Jackson JT6 Floyd Rosetremolo. It is also said that the 1986 neck is slightly thinner than the neck of Charvels 6 models after 1987.  Other features are

  • HSS pickup configuration (2x Jackson J200 Dual coil pickups and 1x Jackson J-50BC humbucker)
  • Jackson SG38-07B Machine heads
  • 3 mini toggle switches
  • Rosewood fingerboard with sharktooth /sharkfin pearl inlays

After production of the Charvel Model 6 ceased in 1989, the Charvel 650XL can be seen as the successor of this guitar.