Vintage Charvel Model 4 Purple Relic Custom Graphic Guitar W/Case


Vintage Charvel Model 4 Purple Relic Graphic Guitar W/Case

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Vintage Charvel Model 4 Purple Natural Relic guitar!

This one is the definition of ‘been around the block’

I have a well known love for 80’s guitars and these Charvel/Jacksons from this time period were some of my favorites. I grew up playing a white Model 4 and to this day I don’t believe I have ever played one that didnt have a killer neck on it:)

This one is obviously non-original: Someone has painted it purple (you can see by the pics that it was originally that Cobalt blue type of color that the Model 4 came in) and then added a Lightning Sky graphic of sorts. To top it off, someone signed it on the front, my guess is that it is signed by some famous shredder or another, but its not a sig that I recognize off the top of my head.

While it still retains the active circuitry, the original bridge pickup has been replaced. The locking part of the locking nut is missing.

The guitar is obviously heavily relic-ed, albeit naturally by the looks of it.

The neck is superb and the play wear is not nearly what you would think it might be; the frets have plenty of life!

Comes as pictured with original Charvel Safe Case that is in typical shape for the vast majority of these case- missing 2 of the 4 latches and the feet on the bottom are pushed in:)

Does come with a trem bar although I didn’t have it in the pics.

If you want a cool, One-off, Relic-ed, Custom painted Charvel Model 4, well, suffice to say you would be the only kid on your block with this particular Model 4!

For whatever its worth, I have had several people tell me that it looks like Joe Satriani’s signture on the guitar. While I don’t know one way or another, it does appear to be consistent with other items he has signed.