Vintage Rio Grande 4×12 Guitar Cab W/ Rola Celestion G 12-80s-ZZ Top


Vintage Rio Grande 4×12 Guitar Cab W/ Rola Celestion G 12-80s-ZZ Top

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Vintage and very rare, Rio Grande 4×12 cab.

This cab has a matched set of 4 original Rola Celestion speakers that the date codes indicate are from March of 1981.

The story goes that these cabs were made from around 1972 to the early 1980s and used by ZZ Top for various tours. you Obviously I’m not saying that this cab was used by ZZ Top, just that they apparently played these same cabs for quite some time.

Its clearly got some history to it as you can see by the pics and it did come into my hands from Texas, which is really about all I know about it.

The grill has a couple small tears, but amazingly, the logo is still intact. It is a wooden logo and the only thing rarer than finding one of these cabs is finding one with the logo intact.

I have included extensive pics of both the cab and speakers so you can see that the Rola Celestions are matched and date codes visible on all of them.

The cab sounds excellent and is wired at 16 ohms.

This is something that is extremely collectible and you either are into it or you aren’t:) It sounds great as you would expect.

I have no issue with shipping it anywhere within the US (lower 48) but be aware that shipping rates have gone up since Covid and it will likely be in the $300+ range for shipping. I do have extensive experience with shipping cabs and it will be well packaged to arrive to you safely.