Roadhouse Vintage New Guitar Arrivals

Roadhouse Vintage is always buying, selling, and trading cool used boutique and vintage guitars. We also deal in amps and effects, and if we don't have it at the moment, chances are we might get it in the future. We keep a 'Wish List' of things our customers are searching for and many times we find them quickly. Don't hesitate to contact us if there is a guitar or amp that you have been on the hunt for. We will be happy to keep our eyes open for that special piece of gear. Roadhouse Vintage will pay cash for your  used gear, but we also offer a premium in store credit. What that means is you can trade in a guitar with us for store credit (which is usually about 20% more than you would get in cash) and you can use it at any time, in any increment. Credit with us never expires so you can trade in the gear you aren't using that is sitting around collecting dust, and then wait for that special piece to come in before using your credit. We have many guitar players who keep store credit will us most of the time, so that they have a head start in purchasing  that special gear when it comes through the door.   Contact Us to let us know what you have for sale, as well as to have us begin the search for that cool piece that you just can't seem to find. We deal with collectors all over the world, so who knows, that Kramer Nightswan or 1977 Les Paul Custom might be just around the corner.   Check out some of our most recent arrivals: Caparison Horus 'Snow Cloud' finish.   1977 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 80's Kramer American Baretta   Give us a holler for more into on these or other guitars, or to get an in-hand description: Contact

Open 24/7/365

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc) through PayPal. If you need to use an alternate form of payment, just let us know and we will make arrangements.


Shipping in US and Canada

We ship orders by the cheapest method available. In the US that is usually Fed Ex ground for larger items and USPS for smaller items. Items that ship from Canada will come Canadian post and those rates are usually higher than US rates.

Customer Support

We are musicians too and pride ourselves on great customer support. If you have any questions about our online gear or gear in our retail location, just get in touch. We will go out of our way to help you!

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