1994 Marshall Limited Edition Purple 1959 SLP Hendrix Full Stack


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1994 Marshall Limited Edition Purple 1959 SLP Hendrix Full Stack in excellent, all original condition.

Very rare 1994 Limited Edition Marshall Hendrix full stack.

Both cabs and head are in excellent condition. Matching #’s, this is #63 of only 100 produced world-wide.

Sounds amazing (and amazingly LOUD) just like you’d think it would.

This thing is over 7 feet tall when stacked up.

I can ship it, but it will be pricey as it will have to go freight due to the straight cab being oversized.

This is a rare opportunity to own a rare piece of Marshall history.

Marshall Hendrix Stack


Issued in 1994: Jimi Hendrix Reissue Limited Edition 100 watt Super Lead Marshall full stack (Head Model: 1959LTD, Angled cab model: 1982A LTD, bottom cab model: 1982B LTD )

There was a limited production of these of only 100 and it was only sold as a unit not separate with matching serial numbers! Introduced in 1994 as the ‘kick-off’ for the re-issue series amplifiers, there was a limited run of 100 units for the US and 100 units distributed to European countries. Each of the largest selling Marshall stores received 1 stack for sale.

The Head:
European models have the 240v sticker on the rear, no ## of 100 stamping. The serial numbers in the bar code identify the unit as a Hendrix model. The British market version which uses Svetlana EL34 power tubes. Limited edition badge on it as well. The head also has a matching leather handle like the cabs on the top of it. Same specs as a 1959 SLP standard reissue.

Top (angled) Cabinet:
1982A LTD and 16-ohm mono cabinets with four 25 watt. The top cabinet has 4 x 25 watt celestions (green back reissues)with matching leather handles on top of the cab, no handles on the sides. Light brown grill cloth (Reissue) Limited edition badge on it as well. Input jack cup is at the bottom. 2 top mounted leather handles, again no cut-outs on the sides for plastic handles, just a smooth appearance. It too comes with 4 removable casters.

Bottom cabinet:
1982B LTD Speaker Cabinet features: 4 25 watt greenback 12” Celestion greenback reissue speakers. Cane grille fabric; a beautiful royal purple levant vinyl covering. The bottom cabinet is taller than a normal bottom cabinet and has two leather handles on the one side. Light brown grill cloth (Reissue). Limited edition badge on it as well. Input jack cup is at the bottom. Tall straight reproduction which simulates a naturally aged basket weave cloth. The bottom cabinet stands nearly 6” higher than angled cabinet with 2 side mounted leather handles, and 6 chrome feet. These cabinets have no cut-outs for plastic handles. You can actually lay it on it’s side like a fender bassman cabinet.

Note: This stack originally came with a Purple Marshall T-shirt!

Head features: and rear, w/ gold-look metal top vent, 4 NOS grey feet. 100 watts RMS (conservative) ‘Super Lead’ amplifier with 16, 8,and 4-ohm capability (for running 2 stacks)

Most of these where made in March 1994.
Four input jacks: two 2 bright 2 normal.
Package has been assigned limited edition serial numbers.

Because of the taller bottom cabinet, with casters the stack makes an impressive image that is seven feet in height.

The coloring is unusual, yet very distinguished, royal purple levant vinyl covering (’68 and ’72 years only).