Dr Z Stang Ray 2×12 Combo Tube Guitar Amp-Loaded-Alnico Gold/Blue/Brake Lite


Dr Z Stang Ray 2×12 Combo Tube Guitar Amp-Loaded-Alnico Gold/Blue/Brake Lite in mint condition.

Dr Z Stang Ray 2×12 combo in stock at our USA location.
Loaded, about as good as it gets with Alnico Blue and an Alnico Gold speakers.
Brake Lite power attenuator also included from the factory and you can see that there is a cooling fan mounted as well. (I don’t know for sure that the fan is factory, but it is perfectly done, so I suspect it is)
Amp is in awesome condition and of course works perfectly, and sounds KILLER.
If you have been looking for one of these, it truly doesn’t get any better than this speaker combination and the Brake Lite means you can use it both for stage and at home in the bedroom.
This was the 2nd Dr Z collaboration with Brad Paisley and my favorite. I can’t say enough good things about it. This amp has been discontinued, so they are tough to get a hold of at this point.
It is heavy and shipping is fixed $100 in the US(lower 48 only) It will be WELL packaged.
Don’t miss out on an amp that will not find in this configuration very often!
From Z:

General Information

The Stang Ray is the result of his second collaboration with superstar country guitarist Brad Paisley. After the success of their first partnership, the Prescription Extra Strength, Dr.Z and Brad Paisley wanted to develop an amplifier that offered an additional pallet of tones to work alongside the Prescription Extra Strength.

Using the classic setup of a quartet of EL84’s biased close to true Class A at 30 watts, the new Stang Ray tips its hat to classic British tones, but like all Dr.Z amps, has its own unique voice. The preamp uses an EF-86, and it has a 12AX7 phase inverter. Tone shaping is accomplished with Volume, Tone, and Cut controls, giving you the ability to dial up a warm tone, but with sweet 3k range brilliance for beautiful upper treble and nice low-midrange control. The output transformer was designed by Ken Fischer (Trainwreck), who also worked with Dr.Z on the Airbrake.

The front panel keeps it simple with controls for volume, tone, and cut. Around back are 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker outs.

Power Output 30 Watts
Output Tubes 4 – EL84
Preamp Tubes V1 EF86 (NOS), V2 12AX7
Rectifier 5AR4
Controls Volume, Tone, Cut
Configurations Head, 1×12, and 2×12 Combo
Colors Black, Blonde, Red
Dimensions & Weight Head: 19″ W, 9 3/4″ H, 9 1/2″ D; 35 lbs.
1×12 Combo: 23″ W, 20 1/8″ H, 10″ D; 66 lbs.
2×10 Combo: 23″ W, 20 1/8″ H, 10″ D; 66 lbs.
2×12 combo: 27 1/2″ W, 22 1/8″ H, 10″ D; 80 lbs