Egnater Tweaker-88 – 88-watt Tube Head W/Footswitch

$599.00 $500.00

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Egnater Tweaker-88 – 88-watt Tube Head W/Footswitch.

Mint condition Egnater Tweaker 88 tube amp head.

More Tweaking and More Power

As the biggest and baddest of the Tweaker series, the Egnater Tweaker-88 head offers 88 watts from two hand-selected KT-88 power tubes. All of the features from previous Tweaker models are present, plus a new master boost on each channel. You can set the boost for either a clean volume boost or a boost with gain for soaring solos. With 11 original Tweaker switches you can dial in a wide range of tones. The vintage/modern switch transforms the amp from a classic rock feel to modern rock tones, while the hot/clean switch dials in the gain range. For classic amp EQs there is a USA/AC/BRIT switch, a mid cut switch, and Egnater’s signature tight and bright switches let you tweak the top and bottom of the tonal spectrum. If you are looking for an amp to help you discover the tone of your dreams, then the Egnater Tweaker-88 head is the way to go.

Egnater Tweaker-88 Head Features at a Glance:

  • KT-88 power tubes
  • 88 watts of power
  • 13 Tweaker switches