Rivera M60 1×12 Tube Combo Guitar Amp W/Cover/FS-1 Footswitch-Excellent!


Rivera M60 1×12 Tube Combo Guitar Amp W/FS-1 Footswitch-Excellent!

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Rivera M60 1×12 Tube Combo Guitar Amp W/FS-1 Footswitch.

I am a huge fan of Rivera amps, especially the older carpet covered version like this M60. I can honestly say this is the cleanest example I have ever come across.

As you can see by the pics, it is SUPER clean and shows none of the wear or scuffs on the carpeting that you usually see.

Sounds great, looks great, just an excellent amp. If you are reading this, you probably know how killer these M60’s sound.

Comes as pictured with a custom, very deluxe cover that fits perfectly as well as the FS-1 footswitch, which is another rarity when it comes to finding one of these amps.



Channel 1 has SL (Super Lead) voicing related to the classic British amplifiers in terms of sustain, compression, and potential distortion.

Channel 2 has a sweet tone for rhythm guitar with more headroom and a CONTOUR switch (on the BASS control), making it better suited for clean playing. The M voicing is in the same textural family as classic American amplifiers. If you already know Rivera amps, this one is a classic.