Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head


Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head in mint condition.

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Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head.

Such a cool (and tough to find in a head) amp; does Paul Rivera ever have a bad idea? Not that I have seen.

This thing is ultra versatile, as is every Rivera. Killer electric tones along with awesome acoustic tones in the same amp.

Mint condition.



From Rivera:

The all tube channel switching Acoustic AND Electric guitar ampBring back the wood in your tone with tubes!

Sedona, the world’s first all-tube Electric and Acoustic amp. Designed in collaboration with Nashville fingerpicking legend, Doyle Dykes.   Now you can switch from luscious all tube high-gain shred, to blues, to country clean and rich bold acoustic tones with one amp!  Available in a 55watt with EL-34s or 25watt with 6V6’s version.
sedcntrls 300x182 - Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head
Sedona features two independent and different preamplifier channels. Channel 1 is designed to produce optimum electric tones, clean or distorted. Channel 2 is tailored for electric or acoustic instruments. Sedona’s specially designed Tweeter can be switched on or off to reproduce an acoustic instrument’s sparkling harmonics on demand. In addition, the Tweeter’s operation is linked to Channel 2 and is automatically disengaged
when Channel 1 is selected.

Sedona Close up1 300x144 - Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head

Channel 1 – Blues to HIgh Gain Shred with your Electric
 Sedona Close up2 300x141 - Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head

Channel 2 – for clean electric or big warm acoustic tones

An easy to use anti-feedback equalizer tunes out unwanted notes that would otherwise drone or squeal with sensitive acoustic Instruments. Switched from the front panel, the anti-feedback filter is also linked to Channel 2, and is automatically disengaged when using Channel 1. Reverb has never sounded sweeter, thanks to a long-pan, 6-spring Accutronics reverb.

Sedantifdbk 300x151 - Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head

Anti-Feedback controls to eliminate droning

Another Rivera exclusive feature, the Sedona’s built-in rear-panel tube direct box output, includes a level control and a pull switch for ground lift. It sends only the Instrument’s signal through an all-tube low-impedance, balanced-line XLR output invaluable on-stage or in the studio. An active effects loop with level controls allows for matching any outboard signal processor for optimum tone and minimum noise.

Sedonafxloop 300x167 - Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head

Effects loop & Balanced XLR direct out using a Cinemag Transformer

An internal acoustically tuned high-fidelity speaker system consisting of a 12″ Celestion T75 speaker reproduces full frequencies and gives great guitar tone for big clean acoustic or high gain electric tones.  A single high-power Dome Tweeter adds sibilance and definition to the high-end strings, especially on nylon or gut string instruments. Separate tweeter and full-range speaker output jacks coupled to an impedance selector allow connection to a Sedona Extension Enclosure to cover larger venues.

sedbcktwtr 300x141 - Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head

Loaded with Celestion T-75 and our exclusive EVM cloned super dome tweeter with 4inch magnet.  This tweeter reproduces the sweetest of highs unlike harsh Piezo and horn drivers.

Never before has an amp received so many rave reviews from guitar magazines. Guitar World as well as Guitar Player have used Sedona as their benchmark for testing other amps as well as many acoustic guitars. Guitar Shop Magazine said “This is undoubtedly the best acoustic/electric amp ever made..” Musician Magazine awarded Sedona “Amp of the Year.”


You can order the Sedona with a the ES option. This converts the Sedona’s input into a balanced input using a super high quality Cinemag ® transformer. This adds 4 DB of volume and tone to your balanced output ES equipped Taylor®. The Sedona is the only amp that offers this!!!! Now you will be able to hear how fat and warm you Taylor® can be. If you run the ES-equipped Taylor® in with a unbalanced amp, you are only hearing 3/4’s of the pickup system including the T5. The Sedona 55 is the only amp that can give your T5 full blown acoustic tones and high gain tones, BALANCED!! (USE 1/4 TRS to 1/4 TRS cable to connect Taylor ES with balanced input on Sedona)

Cinemag Balanced Transformer XLR direct out installed
 sedonacinemag 300x296 - Rivera Sedona 55 Watt Tube Amp Guitar Head

ES-Ready Balanced input for Taylor Guitar owners optional

(Sedona 100watt version available in top only)


    • 55 Watts using (2)EL-34’s or (2)25watt using 6V6 power tubes.
    • Celestion T-75 12″ speaker standard
    • Optional ES ready input
    • (5) 12AX7 Preamp Tubes allowing 2 full discrete channels of warm tone
    • Massive transformers and exposed surface mounting for long life and cool operation.
    • Heavy-Duty 16 Gauge zinc plated steel chassis with welded end make a rugged road worthy amp
    • Costly regulated DC filament power supply for the Preamp Tubes allow silent and hum free operation.
    • Rugged metal phone jacks throughout for years of noise free connections
    • Chassis mounted Mica-filled octal tube socket with phosphor bronze-copper plated and hot tin dipped pins for perfect electrical contact and long life
    • Detachable AC power cable for easy transportation and replacement