Rivera TBR1 Rack Mount Series Stereo Power Guitar Amp


Rivera TBR1 Rack Mount Series Stereo Power Guitar Amp.

Roadhouse USA location:

Legendary Rivera TBR1 Rack Mount Series Stereo Power Guitar Amp.

The possibilities with these amps are endless and the sound and build quality is exceptional. Paul Rivera has stated many times that trying to build these amps today would cost well over $4k. This is really the only amp of its kind that houses these types of features.

Comes as pictured in a Roadrunner rack (no front or back panels:) with footswitch.

From Rivera:

The challenge has always been to provide equipment that can deliver to an audience the sound a musician hears inside of his head. The challenge is made more difficult by the fact that each musician hears sound differently. This raises the question whether a single piece of equipment can ever be expected to realize the Inner expression of more than a handful of people. The TBR Series, carefully crafted amplifiers each with wide-ranging possibilities, can he viewed as part of our answer to that question.

The RIVERA TBR Tube Rack Series has been designed for the professional player who requires a rugged and versatile amplifier that occupies only four rack spaces. The components used in the circuitry meet the most stringent computer and military specifications.

Rivera Research and Development is heavily involved with musicians around the world, including leading session players In Hollywood. The design and construction of the TBR Series allow the player to utilize the latest in stereo effects devices and consolidate his entire system in a small and concise rack without giving up tube amplifier characteristics. It is the culmination of over 20 years of amplifier experience.

The Standard Models: TBR-1 and TBR-2

Channel 1 of the Standard Model contains exclusive RIVERA features such as PCOMP (Active Pickup Compensation), TMEQ (Tuneable Midrange Equalization), FOCUS (variable damping factor control), two completely Independent preamp channels, stereo effects loop, stereo power amps, and forced air cooling.

Channel 2 of the Standard, M, and SL Models is designed for clean rhythm. Sonically, it is in the same textural “family” as the Fender 4×10 Bassman, old black-face Fender Twins, and early plexiglass-front Marshalls.