1950 Epiphone Triumph-Blonde Natural Finish-USA New York-Hollowbody Guitar W/Case


1950 Epiphone Triumph Hollowbody Guitar W/Case.

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1950 Epiphone Triumph Hollowbody Guitar W/Case.

Here is a really, super, cool, vintage Epiphone USA made Epiphone.

Serial #59646.

More rare Natural (Blonde) finish, a great number of these Triumphs that you find for sale are a Tobacco burst finish.

This was a one owner guitar when I acquired it. It came to me with a vintage Sekova pickup that was mounted, as you can see, non-invasively! The original pickguard is included, but it was cut slightly for the pickup.

I took this guitar to my local luthier (yes he is an actual luthier, not just some guy who does set ups on guitars) and he removed the pickup and pickguard. As you can see, the top is in simply AMAZING condition and shows no issues from having the pickup. The only thing of note is that there are small holes for the pickguard on the side of the guitar, so it could be re-attached or another one put on to replace it, I will leave that to the new owner.

The guitar has been set up, frets leveled and polished and it plays great. The neck is excellent. The frets are good, showing a little wear, but not a ton as you can see by the pics.

No cracks, no repairs, no neck resets, this guitar is laughably nice.

Overall, this guitar is in extremely clean vintage condition and has zero issues. As you can see, it comes with all the original parts such as the original pickguard and everything for the pickup. (I did not check to see if it is functioning, but I assume it is) If you wanted mount the pickup you could, but the top is so nice, I thought it was much better left this way.

Original case is also included which is in truly amazing condition as well for its age. All the latches work and the interior is nice.

You can tell that this guitar was one owner once you get it in your hands. It was babied, and is probably about as nice an example of a 70+ year old Epiphone that you will find.

Serial info:

Guitar Info

This result is a match only if the serial number is printed in soundhole in an accoustic guitar

Your guitar was made at the
New York Plant (Epiphone), USA
in 1950
Production Number: 59646

Serial Numbers, 1944 to 1950, acoustic guitars only.
For some reason, a new numbering system was started in 1944. The starting point of serial number 50,000 was used. There were a couple of reasons for this: the death of Epi meant his widow’s shares where purchased causing a financial restructuring of the company and it’s assets. Also changes in production methods prompted a change in inventory and the numbering scheme.

Year            First Number
----            ------------
1944            50,000 to 51,999
1945            52,000 to 53,999
1946            54,000 to 55,999
1947            56,000 to 56,999
1948            57,000 to 57,999
1949            58,000 to 58,999
1950            59,000 to 59,999