1985 Gibson Spirit XPL Double Cutaway Guitar Kahler-Rare & Awesome!


1985 Gibson Spirit XPL Les Paul Double Cutaway Guitar Kahler-Rare & Awesome!

Roadhouse USA location:

Extremely rare 1985 Gibson Spirit XPL Double Cutaway Guitar!

Only produced from 1985-1986, this beyond awesome condition for a guitar that is 35+ years old.

Everything about the guitar is cool, from the Explorer type headstock to the killer Ferrari Red type finish.

Seems to be all original including the Kahler from the day, you will be hard pressed to find a better example of this guitar anywhere.

Even comes with the original Chainsaw case which is also in excellent condition.

Don’t buy it. I would be sorry to see it go!



Some Wiki info on the Spirit XPL:

This model differs from normal Spirit models in that it has an Explorer-like headstock with six inline tuners. This model commonly has a Kahler Flyer tremolo and locking nut, with the body routed to accommodate the tremolo. Made to compete with Super-Strat metal guitars, it is rumored to have been available with an S/S/H pickup configuration, though is commonly found with either only a lone humbucker or dual humbuckers. This model was produced in 1985 and early 1986, only under the Gibson nameplate. A custom shop version of a red Spirit XPL with one humbucker, a Kahler/Gibson tremolo bridge that used standard Gibson bridge posts, and body binding but no neck binding was observed on eBay in July/August 2010 bearing a 1983 serial number