1986 Guild USA Bluesbird Amber Guitar-Kahler/EMGs-Rare!


1986 Guild USA Bluesbird Amber Guitar-Kahler/EMGs-Rare!

Roadhouse USA location:

Very rare 1986 Guild USA Bluesbird in Amber.

This is one that you will probably not find anywhere else, a very early incarnation of the Guild Bluesbird.

Stock and original with Kahler locking trem as well as EMG pickups.

The guitar itself is in players condition and I would rate it as good. Various imperfections exist all over the guitar including a couple of finish cracks in the top as well as play wear all around. The pictures tell the tale, all though I will have had a chance to detail it a bit better by the time it finds it’s new home. Suffice to say it has been priced accordingly.

Comes as pictured with original Guild case that is still clinging to doing its job, but has obviously seen better days.

Overall, a cool piece of Guild history as well as 80’s history as Guild tried to toss their hat into more of the shred type of market by making a Bluesbird with not only a Kahler, but EMG pickups as well:)