BC Rich Bich Double Neck Guitar Trans Red-W/Hard Case


BC Rich Bich Legacy Double Neck Guitar Trans Red-W/Hard Case

Roadhouse USA location:

BC Rich Bich  Double Neck Guitar Trans Red-W/Hard Case.

Excellent condition showing no wear.

The case does have some wear and I think it is an older model case as it is much more heavy duty than the lighter cases I have had these in, in the past.

These are a bit tough to get a hold of, so if you have been wanting one, here it is.




From BC Rich:

If you’re looking to conquer miles and miles of new sonic terrain, the 2019 Pearl White or Trans Red B.C. Rich Double Neck Rich B Legacy delivers with maximum style and impact. Its bloodline can traced to the late ’70s, early ’80s era B.C. Rich Classic lineup, but make no mistake: this guitar is all business. Its form, function and tone-shaping abilities scream “sophistication.”

Its dual neck-through mahogany body design provides lightning-fast access to the highest frets on its 24-fret two-octave necks, and comes standard with two sets of Duncan Designed HB-103 pickups. The upper neck is a  twelve-string guitar with a simple volume, volume, tone and 3-way pickup selector. It also features a fully adjustable B.C. Rich Quad bridge and rear-mounted tuners below the bridge. The lower neck of the Bich is strung as a traditional six-string. The six-string’s harmonious sounds can be further sculpted with its 5-position varitone filter knob, two coil tap switches and reverse phase switch, providing guitarists with hundreds of new tones to be explored.