Rare GMW Kramer 5150 Red & White Striped Eddie Van Halen Tribute Guitar W/Case


Rare GMW Kramer 5150 Red & White Striped Eddie Van Halen Tribute Guitar W/Case.

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Rare GMW Kramer 5150 Eddie Van Halen Tribute Guitar W/Case.

Chances are if you are reading this, you know what this guitar is. GMW cannot make this guitar anymore.

Made by GMW in the early 2000’s (around 2003-2004) these did not last very long as they got shut down by the Fender sending them a cease and desist.

This is THE 5150 replica to have and they are incredibly hard to come by. Guys that have them do not part with them.

Hand made in the USA, everything is proper and right to the details of Ed’s original 5150 Kramer, right down to the MXR volume knob and the original Floyd Rose. They even took the time to replicate the cigarette burns on the headstock among many other details.

All original and in near mint condition, (its 20 years old so I hate to call it mint) and comes as pictured with original G&G case.

If you have ever wanted one of these, don’t hesitate. It won’t last. I haven’t seen one of these come up for sale in years.



You can not buy this guitar anymore. It was made by GMW to be an exact replica of Eddie’s 5150 guitar.

It has all the proper features including Duncan Custom pickup, single MXR volume knob, original Floyd Rose, 5150 reflective tape, and C5150 Kramer neckplate. Totally flawless in every way.

GMW is widely recognized to be among the finest experts at graphic finishes and paint jobs, and builders of top quality guitars from the ground up and although they’re rather expensive, the quality is definitely there, equal to or better than USA Jacksons, which is where these guys got their start.