Vintage Guitars, Amps and Effects

We have been shipping guitar gear all over the globe since the early 2000’s and have customers from Australia to Arizona and everywhere in between!

We are proud to offer guitars, amps, and effects that you will not find at other music stores.

Roadhouse Vintage offers unique vintage and boutique guitars, amps, and effects and we have a love for anything 80’s. You will find Kramers, Hamers, Jacksons, and Charvels that you will not find anywhere else. We have one motto for the gear that we buy and sell in our stores: “If it ain’t cool, we don’t sell it!” This approach allows us to specialize in the crowded market of music stores by having items that are just plain out of the ordinary.

Roadhouse is not afraid to ship anywhere in the world and we also are always buying gear. If you have something of quality in the guitar, amp or effects realm, feel free to contact us any time for a cash quote. Trade ins are, of course, always welcome.