1980’s Charvel Model 2 Vintage Black Guitar W/Case



1980’s Charvel Model 2 Vintage Black Guitar W/Case.



Roadhouse USA location:

Vintage Charvel Model 2 in black.

Here is another cool piece of the 80’s, this time in the single humbucker Model 2.

The black paint is original and shows various wear as 30+ year old black guitars do. Most pick scratches and small dings here and there.

The neck is superb (like most of these were) and shows almost no fret wear which is an amazing feat for one of these guitars. Straight neck, very nice player.

The humbucker is original. The bridge has been changed out to a Kahler Spyder which is period correct and probably done back in the day. Some guys didn’t like the Jackson JT6 Floyd which is what this guitar would have come with.

Comes as pictured with original case that has definitely seen better days. The case has been painted on the outside and it must have fallen apart on the inside, as someone simply replaced the interior with black velvet type cloth. It works fine, but its certainly not original.

Overall, a good example of an 80’s Charvel model 2 that still plays exceptionally well and has that killer 80’s Charvel neck that is what attracted players to this guitar in the first place.