1986 Gibson Les Paul Custom SG Prototype Guitar Hand Signed & Played by Eddie Van Halen



1986 Gibson Les Paul Custom SG Prototype Guitar Hand Signed and played by Eddie Van Halen.



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1986 Gibson Les Paul Custom SG Prototype Guitar Hand Signed by Eddie Van Halen.

Well. Here’s something you won’t see every day: a very rare Gibson Original Gibson Prototype Les Paul/SG Custom.

The guitar itself is mega rare, you will be hard pressed to ever find another, much less one for sale. It is in very good to excellent vintage condition. White with gold hardware, the nitro finish has naturally yellowed to a beautiful creme over time, as these Gibsons in this color always do.

It is in very clean, well kept condition, with various amounts of wear here and there. No major issues, just a guitar that has been well taken care of over the years. You can get a very good idea by zooming in on the pictures. There is some small amounts of finish checking and paint shrinkage here and there. But as you can see, the guitar presents exceptionally well.

This beauty is in excellent playing condition as well, the neck is great and the frets are as well.

As you can see, it comes with the original Gibson chainsaw case.

Overall, this guitar is in beautiful condition for its age and is about as rare of a Gibson as you will find.

Now for the best part. The guitar was signed by one Edward Van Halen in 2002! He signed it ‘Steve, so when do I get a real lesson?”

Who is Steve, you may ask.

That is another really awesome bit of provenance to this guitar. Steve is actually Steve Thompson, 7-time Grammy winning producer, engineer, writer, arranger, and mixer who has produced, mixed, and arranged over 150 Diamond, Platinum, and Gold records.

He has worked on everything from Guns N Roses Appetite for Destrcution, Metallica’s And Justice For All, as well as Blues Traveler’s Run Around. He has worked with everyone from Madonna and David Bowie to Whitney Houston to Alice Cooper, Dokken, Tesla and Korn. Suffice to say, his credentials are pretty awesome.

This guitar came from his studio collection and Eddie signed it to him in 2002.

Ed’s signature is certified and documented with the included COA. (pictured)

Also included is the original listing from Sixx Gun guitars, which valued this piece (then, prior to Eddie’s passing away) at $48k+ It also states that this guitar was used in Steve’s studio and was played by EVH himself.

What more can be said about such an incredible piece?

The guitar is a very rare gem on its own and then has the added bonus of being hand signed by Van Halen personally, to a famed producer the stature of Steve Thompson, and you have an incredible piece of rock and roll history.

Due to the irreplaceable nature of this guitar, it will be shipped with extreme care, double boxed, and expedited 1 or 2 day shipping within the US. International inquiries will be quoted on a case by case basis.