1990 Gibson Les Paul LP Standard Limited Colours Edition Guitar-Purple W/OHSC



1990 Gibson Les Paul LP Standard Limited Colours Guitar-Purple W/OHSC.



Roadhouse USA:

1990 Gibson Les Paul LP Standard Limited Colours Guitar-Purple W/OHSC.

Very cool, very rare, 1990 Limited Colours Les Paul.

9.3 lbs.

These guitars were made in trans amber, mocha, purple and blue, with only 200 of each produced.

This one is obviously purple, which shows out as a bit of a fuchsia color. Awesome color and I’ve only seen it on a couple of Gibsons from this era. I had a Classic from 1990 years ago in this same color and it was just as killer looking as this guitar.

This Les Paul is in excellent condition. It shows a couple of minor marks, but overall, doesn’t look to have been played much at all.

No issues, the neck is straight and true and it plays great as is. No fret wear.

’59 rounded neck profile.

From what I understand, these guitars were done by the Gibson Custom Shop at that time (this was before Gibson slapped Custom Shop on everything and decided to charge more money for it:) and for the original run in 1990, you could specify what you wanted done to it. So different pickup/hardware combinations do exist.

The tuners almost certainly have  been changed to a set of Sperzels, which are not only better tuners,  but they look pretty damn good with this finish:)

I believe the pickups are original, the gold covers have simply been taken off. I could be wrong, but I did pull the pickups so you can judge for yourself.

Again, these guitars were available to be custom orders, so its hard to say with 100% certainty on the pickups and possibly even the tuners, although I doubt that Sperzel made purple tuners in 1990-lol.

Comes with original case as pictured.

This is a rare one. If you are a Gibson collector, this is one you want in your collection. I really shouldn’t be selling it, as it has taken me about 25 years to find another one in this color.