2018 Taylor 416ce-R Rosewood Back and Sides Acoustic Electric Guitar



Taylor 416ce-R Rosewood Back and Sides Acoustic Electric Guitar in mint condition with original case and paperwork. 



Gorgeous Grand Symphony Acoustic from Taylor at our Montana location

For over 40 years, Taylor acoustic guitars have made a name among players of all genres as a unique-sounding instrument with truly special tonal signatures. The Taylor 416ce-R cutaway is a continuation of that stellar tradition and represents the midpoint between Taylor’s lower-end models and its highest-priced guitars. The 416ce-R features a signature Sitka spruce top with Indian rosewood back and sides, a combination known for exquisite high and midrange tone as well as its three-dimensional low end. As with Taylor’s other acoustics, the 416ce-R has a broad dynamic range — even when picked aggressively, notes and chords ring out clearly. A driving attack really highlights the 416ce-R’s fullness and projection. This guitar comes equipped with Taylor ES2 electronics for natural tone and dynamics in a stage-friendly direct out. Acoustic players at love the Taylor 416ce-R.

Sitka spruce and Indian rosewood provide a well-rounded tone

This Taylor 416ce-R cutaway acoustic guitar is a prime example of the quality tonewoods Bob Taylor and his team select for their instruments. It features a Sitka spruce top, a tonewood long known for its robust projection and high-end sparkle and sustain. The Indian rosewood back and sides respond well to a variety of playing styles. Strum it softly, and you get a beautifully rich, subtle response; attack the strings with more vigor, and the thicker, more-rounded tonal range emerges. And the mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and Italian acrylic Renaissance inlays feels and responds beautifully in your hands. The tonewood combination of the 416ce-R is a good choice for aggressive flatpickers and strummers who are looking for a well-rounded, all-purpose acoustic guitar.

Classic Grand Symphony shape

Taylor’s Grand Symphony body design is well suited for rhythm acoustic guitarists who need an instrument that will easily handle bold strumming technique. It delivers a similar balance of frequencies as Taylor’s famed Grand Auditorium, but with much more power across the spectrum. Your strumming will hold its own against other instruments, and your single-note playing will project through a dense mix thanks to the Grand Symphony’s larger lower bout. And the guitar still provides plenty of high-end detail when you need to pull things back a bit.

Taylor Expression System 2 electronics deliver superior sound onstage

Artists who play plugged in will appreciate the natural-sounding Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics onboard the 416ce-R. This system features a 3-section proprietary pickup located behind the guitar’s saddle for clear and accurate sound reproduction. Discreet contoured master volume and tone controls let you tweak your sound and output from the stage, and a phase switch helps you squelch feedback before it starts.

Breathable gloss finish

The Taylor 416ce-R’s lustrous gloss finish provides a great blend of protection and tone. At about the thickness of a piece of paper, this finish allows the top, back, and sides of the guitar to move freely for the best possible tone. This allows the wood to breathe as well as provides a layer of protection to the wood. Thanks to this special finish, the Taylor 416ce-R looks and sounds great from day one and is built to last a lifetime.

Taylor 416ce-R Grand Symphony Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Classic Grand Symphony shape delivers excellent tone and volume
  • Sitka spruce top is bright and bold, with impressive projection
  • Indian rosewood back and sides exhibit enhanced warmth, depth, and clarity
  • Tropical mahogany neck plays comfortably
  • Ebony fingerboard provides phenomenal articulation
  • Tone works well in an ensemble setting
  • Taylor nickel tuners are built stage rugged and studio precise
  • 4mm Italian acrylic Renaissance inlays and 3-ring soundhole rosette provide a touch of elegance
  • Special gloss finish optimizes tone and protection
  • Taylor ES2 electronics provide natural tone and dynamics for the stage