Chapman SB8 Stick Bass Guitar W/Case/Cable/Book/Extra Strings



Chapman SB8 Stick Bass W/Case/Book/Extra Strings.


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Chapman SB8 Stick Bass W/Case/Book/Extra Strings.

Very cool and hard to find instrument.

Comes as pictured with soft case, book, cable, and extra set of strings.

Mint condition.



8-string switchable stereo/mono fretboard tapping instrument is favored by people who want to play bass parts. The fretboard is the same width as the original Stick, with a wider string spacing because it has fewer strings. Each new instrument features our latest adjustable components for easy setup. A wide variety of ordering options allow you to customize your instrument with your choice of exotic hardwood laminates, tunings, string gauges, pickup configurations, MIDI, and even the inlay material.

The Stick Bass has two Block® pickup options available, the ACTV-2™ dual EMG module, and the PASV-4™ quad Villex module.

for 8-string Stick Bass®, all tunings:

Dimensions 45 1/4″ (115cm) x 3 1/4″ (8.3cm) x 1 3/4″ (4.5cm)

Neck thickness 7/8″ (2.2cm), scale length 36″ (91.5cm)

String spacing .410″ (10.41mm)

Average weight 7.0 lbs (3.17kg), (weight depends on material and pickups)