Don Grosh Electrajet VT Guitar 3 of 5 made Limited Edition



Don Grosh Electrajet VT Guitar 3 of 5 made Limited Edition in mint condition with deluxe G&G case and paperwork.



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Limited Edition Don Grosh Electra Jet VT in See-Thru Red.

Mint condition with deluxe G&G case and paperwork.

It was a little hard to photograph, but the grain of the wood looks killer on this guitar both front and back. It also has several hard to find features including a 1-piece maple neck! How often do you see that?

See the spec sheet for all the particulars on this guitar, it is one you don’t want to miss, and of course it plays exceptionally well, just like every other Grosh guitar you will ever pick up. Don Grosh does some of the finest (if not THE finest!) necks and fret-work in the world today and it is obviously every time you play one of his guitars. If you have never owned one, you are missing out.

From Grosh:

ElectraJet VT

Another modern classic. Building on the success of the original ElectraJet, the ElectraJet VT combines the thicker, meatier voice of the ElectraJet body with a tele-style configuration. Fat, thick and mean but still able to twang, spank and chime. The sound is truly reminiscent of traditional “tele” tones but fuller, with more dimension, while still retaining the ability to cut and bite. The ElectraJet VT exudes classic vintage tones with just a little “more” of everything. Country, jazz, rock, funk and blues, it’s all there. And the ElectraJet VT feels completely natural, ergonomic and balanced, … and of course plays like a dream. Featuring master-grade, tone-tapped woods, ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish and handcrafted Grosh pickups. Pure Passion – Pure Tone.


ElectraJet VT Review, Dave Hunter, Guitar Player Magazine


ElectraJet VT, GT Neck/GTX Bridge, Joe Gamble


Grosh ElectraJet VT Overview, GT neck and GTX bridge pickups, video courtesy of Wildwood Guitars:

Electrajet VT, GTX Bridge, GT Neck, Joe Gamble (courtesy of Jedamp):

ElectraJet VT, GTX Bridge, GT Neck, ProGuitarShop:

ElectraJet VT, GT Neck/GTX Bridge Pickups, Greg V, joint production with Fat Sound Guitars:


Electrajet VT, GT Bridge and Neck, Joe Gamble:

ElectraJet VT, GT Neck, Joe Gamble: