Fuchs ODS Classic Dual Boost 2 Channel Head Reverb 50 Watt



Fuchs ODS Classic Dual Boost 2 Channel Head Reverb 50 Watt head with footswitch.



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Fuchs ODS Classic Dual Boost 2 Channel Head Reverb 50 Watt head.

Near mint condition.

Never been out of the studio and has no more than a couple of hours use on it, if that.

Comes as pictured with original footswitch, cable, and power cable.


With the development of the ODS Classic series, the gigging musician can now afford an amp that sounds like the original Overdrive Supreme (also known as the ODS). The ODS Classic represents not only a continuance but further advances the original ODS platform. Like Fuchs ODS-II and Casino amps, constant customer feedback and Andy Fuchs’ continuing quest to improve the tone and flexibility of our amps resulted in a quantum step forward for the platform.

Developed side by side with the ODS-II the ODS Classic brings many Fuchs exclusive features we’ve developed for the ODS-II architecture. Unique features like dual gain boosts: One boost allows the main tone controls to remain active and provides an internally user variable boost. A three position EQ switch gives you a center position which additionally bypasses the tone controls. These two boosts may be used together or separately, as well as along with the mid boost allowing the widest gain range of any amp if it’s kind. The mid boost has two operating points for fattening the tone with selectable slopes. The brite switch (like the ODS-II) offers dual settings which allow further tailoring of the high end. The deep switch is ideal for warming up single coil pickups or enhancing a jazz guitar tone.

The overdrive section features overdrive input (controls amount of distortion) overdrive out (controls level of the overdrive channel) and the Fuchs exclusive overdrive tone control allowing a wide range from woman tone through D-style to Plexi on the drive channel. A global master and accent control the final level after clean and dirty ratio has been set.

The deep and lush Spin Semiconductor 16 bit digital reverb of the ODS-II and Casino series is now standard in the ODS Classic. Featuring variable level and decay it allows for small room through pan style through cathedral depth with low noise and the highest musicality as it’s mixed through our loop. The FX loop is the same great ODS loop players love: It allows series or parallel as well as line and pedal level devices. It’s in circuit full time as it also mixes the wet and dry reverb signals for maximum musicality, transparency and low noise.

Like the original ODS the Classic is built on an aircraft grade aluminum fan cooled chassis with flow through ventilation. All models feature a high-current, customwound power transformer, DC preamp tube filaments, separate bias controls for each power tube, internal overdrive trimmers, regulated DC relay power and a custom wound output transformer featuring 4-8- and 16 ohm outputs. An IEC power connector and universal global voltages with CE approval are standard. Matched, selected and graded power and preamp tubes are standard as is a 5-year warranty on everything except tubes.

Bridging the pricing gap between the Casino Series and the NEW ODS-II Series amps, the NEW ODS Classic Series amps continue the legacy of our flagship amp at a price within reach of the casual gigging musician. The original Overdrive Supreme (also known as the ODS) became an iconic amp over its near 17 year lifespan. When first introduced, it brought the previous unobtainable legendary D-style tones to a greater audience while adding features like a killer reverb, mid and gain boosts, separate bias controls per power tube and advanced construction techniques. Embraced by players as diverse as Al Di Meola, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jimmy Herring, Warren Haynes and others, it’s gained player and industry respect.

Product Specifications

Fuchs ODS Classic Guitar Head Specifications

  • Preamp Section: 4 X 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Power Section: 2 X 6L6
  • Dimensions: 19″x11.5″x8.5″
  • Weight: 38lbs