Gibson Dusk Tiger Limited Edition Les Paul Electric Guitar Complete Package



Gibson Dusk Tiger Limited Edition Les Paul Electric Guitar Complete Package. Comes with original box, banner, and all accessories.



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The legendary Gibson Dusk Tiger Les Paul!

#205 of only 1000 made, these are ultra hard to find and you will NEVER find one with this complete of a package.

Comes as pictured with EVERYTHING. Original shipping/display box and even has the Dusk Tiger Banner to go with it. All cables etc are of course included and pictured.

The guitar itself is in Mint condition and plays much better than you would believe. This one obviously was setup when it got to us because it plays as well as any LP that we have seen.

Super cool, love it or hate it, it is collectable. Don’t miss out on this one, they don’t come around often, much less in this condition with all the accoutrements.



The Next Generation of Robot Technologies
A killer guitar with a look and construction that has never been seen before. Dusk Tiger represents the state of the art in electric guitars, redefining what the guitar can do with the integration of pioneering technology with the most advanced design in the industry, all in a Limited Edition package with only 1,000 sold worldwide.

Optimized For Stage and Studio
Dusk Tiger is the perfect guitar both on stage and in the studio. The combination of magnetic and piezo pickups gives traditional and more “acoustic” guitar tones, while separate outputs for each string allow you to create sounds from classic to beyond futuristic. Add to that a multichannel FireWire interface, Ableton Live 8 and Guitar Rig 4 Pro and your possibilities are unlimited.

Exceptional Ease Of Use
All the tones and the 18 user-programmable alternate tunings (featuring third-generation Robot Tuning Technology) are easily accessible through a streamlined, stage-friendly interface, designed for ease of use and inspired by intensive focus groups with leading guitarists.
Smoothly Playable
Ultimately, Dusk Tiger is a beautiful, smoothly playable guitar. It recalls the time-honored Les Paul body lines, but presents them in a guitar with a flat top (coupled to a tone-chambered back) made from exotic hardwood covered with golden, amber, and dark chocolate hues, and accented by a unique new pickguard and control layout. Dusk Tiger is set up using advanced Plek technology to insure uniform feel and extreme playability.
The World’s Most Advanced Guitar
Dusk Tiger reflects Gibson’s commitment to stretching the boundaries of the electric guitar, while honoring the elements that make classic guitars so desirable in the first place, bringing you simply the most astonishing innovation in the history of the guitar.
The Dusk Tiger is crafted from a top made of Grade-A marblewood, an elegant hardwood from Suriname in South America, with a high density and an extremely beautiful grain. The marblewood is joined together with strips of ebony, and attached to a tone-chambered mahogany back.

8lbs 4oz. Number 205 of 1000. Includes black Gibson hardshell with ‘Dusk Tiger Limited Edition’ printed on the outside and tiger stripes inside the top of the case, as well as cables and accessories.