Gibson Firebird X Red Swirl Guitar Complete W/COA/Pedals/Manual/Cases/Rare!



Gibson Firebird X Red Swirl Guitar Complete W/COA/Pedals/Manual/Cases/Rare!



Just in to Roadhouse Vintage is a Gibson Firebird X in Red Swirl.
If you are looking at this, you know what they are and how rare they are at this point.
This one is in awesome condition. No issues, you will see some pick scratches if you hold it up to your face under the light and that’s it.
Comes with absolutely EVERYTHING. You can see it all in the pics, all the pedals, cases for both, cables, all the original wireless gear with 2 batteries, manual (which is huge) and COA.
If you have been looking for one of these, you won’t find one more complete or in better shape.  These were $4k new when you could get them.

Start a Revolution

Gibson is no stranger to innovation, so it’s no surprise that they’ve created one of the most forward-thinking guitars to date – the Gibson Firebird X. Although the style of the guitar pays homage to the iconic original Firebird, the Firebird X sports more technological advancements built right into the guitar than musicians have ever seen. Although the Firebird X sets a solid foundation for tone with its chambered ash body, set maple neck, and Alnico and Ceramic humbucking pickups, that’s just where the real magic starts.

What makes the Gibson Firebird X unique? It’s got built-in effects with on-board controls, a pair of Bluetooth footswitches to bring a pedalboard-feel to the built-in effects, an updateable audio engine processor, an included computer audio interface with a built-in SD card recorder (for computerless recording), analog guitar tone emulations, Robot Tuning technology . . . and we could go on. But it’s not just futuristic technology that sets the Firebird X apart. It also gives you a ton of pickup options, including mini-humbuckers with multiple coil modes and six individual piezo pickups (one for each string), which deliver true acoustic tones.

The most amazing thing about the Firebird X, isn’t the onboard technology itself, but rather, how playable it makes this remarkable instrument. For example, the idea of building effects into the guitar has been explored before – but never with a Bluetooth footswitch for a pedalboard-like playing experience, and never with future-proof upgradeability. If you want a guitar that’s solidly-playable in its own right, but also sports more advanced technology than you’ve ever seen in an instrument – the Gibson Firebird X is what you’re looking for.

Gibson Firebird X Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Built-in Effects with Bluetooth control
  • Robot tuners
  • Custom FBX pickups
  • Computer interface included
  • Updateable audio engine
  • A New Paradigm

Built-in Effects with Bluetooth Control:Gibson’s Firebird X features studio-quality effects built right into the guitar’s signal path, courtesy of Gibson’s “Pure Analog” audio engine (based on the Freescale multi-processor, used in Pro Tools TDM systems). By integrating the effects directly into the internal signal path, you’ll never hear the degradation you get with mis-matched impedance and signal level that you can get with traditional effects pedals. The Firebird X’s output is incredibly low-noise, even when using hi-gain distortion or compression effects.

While the built-in effects cover everything you could possibly want from reverbs, delays, distortion, overdrive, chorus, tremolo, and more, you may wonder how to control all of them! The Firebird X features six color-coded sliders to adjust effect settings, or even switch to a different effect instantly. You also have control over two “tog-pots”, which look like standard pickup selectors but can be twisted to morph from unprocessed to processed tones, like a wet/dry control on an effect pedal.

What if you want a more traditional way to control the effects? Gibson has you covered. The Firebird X includes a Bluetooth footswitch and expression pedal, which lets you wirelessly change effects presets and manipulate parameters in realtime. You get the feel and convenience of playing with your pedalboard, plus the benefit of the low-noise audio engine driving your effects. Of course, the Firebird X will sound great through your existing effects too.

Robot Tuners:The Firebird X features the fourth generation of Gibson’s Robot Tuning technology. The latest robot tuners are smaller, lighter, faster, and more durable than ever before. This is huge if you rely on multiple tunings in your music, or if you play in a cover band and need to change tunings in a flash. Just flip a switch to enter tuning mode, select the tuning you want (standard, drop-d, open tunings, etc.), and strum the strings. The Robot Tuners start tuning, and in a matter of seconds your tuning is locked in and ready to play.

Custom FBX Pickups:The pickup configuration for the Firebird X was designed for maximum tonal versatility. You get an FBX Alnico V neck mini-humbucker, an FBX Ceramic middle mini-humbucker, and an FBX Alnico II bridge mini-humbucker. On top of that, the Firebird X features a 6-pickup piezo bridge. Just the combination of these pickups is formidable, but the versatility lies in the Firebird X’s unique switching and pickup coil options.

Either coil in each mini-humbucker can be on, off, or reverse polarity. And single coil mode benefits from the Firebird X’s noise-canceling technology. Talk about a huge range of tone! This amazing pickup coil switching system gives you over 2,000 pickup combinations, allowing you the emulate the sound of iconic guitars throughout history purely in the analog realm – all without digital modeling.

Computer Interface Included:For enhanced recording capabilities, the Firebird X comes with a top-quality USB audio interface and a host of premium software. The interface itself is unique in that it is a fully capable standalone recorder, supporting the convenient SD media format. Just insert an SD card into the interface, and you can capture riffs without turning on your computer.

To take advantage of the power of the Firebird X’s built-in effects engine, you get Gibson’s software editor which lets you create your own custom effects patches, save and organize them, and transfer those settings to your Firebird X. Not only does this give you in-depth control over your entire tone, you can easily download updates to the effects engine from the software editor. What’s more, you get access to a library of artist-created effects presets, connecting you to a whole community of Firebird X players.

Updateable Effects Engine:With all the forward-thinking features of Gibson’s Firebird X it should be no surprise that the effects engine is easily updateable with the included software editor, and that the engine’s hardware is user-replaceable to accommodate future advancements with the Firebird X technology. You can be sure that as DSP and effects technology continues to progress, the Firebird X will be able to stay one step ahead

A New Paradigm:Over the years, Gibson has pushed the limits of guitar functionality with innovations like robot tuning and hex pickups with individual outputs for each string. What makes the Firebird X so unique is not just the staggering array of tech features – it’s the way that all of these features are integrated so smoothly into the playing experience. Get the Firebird X in your hands and play it just like any guitar, and you’ll know immediately that you’re playing a Gibson. Then spend some time exploring the inspiring creative possibilities, and you’ll realize that there has never been a guitar like the Gibson Firebird X.

Gibson Firebird X Electric Guitar Features at a Glance:

  • A host of innovative advancements, integrated into a fast-playing guitar with Gibson quality, for an entirely new guitar playing experience
  • Built-in effects with updateable sound engine gives you any effect you need, without the need for a giant pedalboard
  • Compact Bluetooth foot controllers give you the traditional feel of playing with pedals while taking advantage of a low-noise signal path
  • Custom FBX pickups provide a staggering variety of tonal possibilities
  • Piezo pickup with hex output gives you acoustic tones, with the ability to output each string to a different amp or recording channel, for unlimited creative potential
  • Included USB audio interface doubles as a standalone SD recorder
  • Hardware is user-replaceable for easy future upgrades
  • S/PDIF directly out of guitar for direct digital interfacing with digital processors, recorders, and mixers
  • Fourth-generation Robot Tuners make tuning changes a breeze and are smaller, lighter, faster, and more durable than ever before
  • Performance Mode lock out all of the guitar’s on-board controls so you can’t change your custom preset’s sound accidentally