LaRose Guitars Custom Classic 6 DC JR Handmade Guitar Turquoise/Tree of Life Inlay/Black Limba


LaRose Guitars Custom Classic 6 DC JR Handmade Guitar Turquoise/Tree of Life Inlay/Black Limba. Includes COA, original case, etc.


Roadhouse USA location:

LaRose Guitars Custom Classic 6 DC JR Handmade Guitar Turquoise/Tree of Life Inlay/Black Limba.

This guitar is in mint, as-new, condition.

This LaRose is the first guitar that I have had in handmade by Todd D’Agostino.

Let me just say that I could not be more impressed. This guitar is truly the work of a Master Builder, and I am honored to have it in stock.

The build quality is second to none and it plays laughably well. Simply an incredibly built guitar with some Knock-Out specs. You can see it all on the build sheet, but here are some highlights:

Model-Classic 6 DC JR

Top-Quilted Maple

Body-Black Limba

Neck-Solid Madagascar Rosewood

Fingerboard-Madagascar Rosewood

Inlay-LaRose Tree of Life

Pickups-Fishman Fluence

Scale-25″ 22-fret

Finish-Satin Turquoise



As I said, everything about this guitar is incredible. Take a look at the pics and go from the Black Limba body to the Tree of Life inlay on the Madagascar neck, which is truly incredible.

The satin finish allows the guitar to breath a bit and allows for an enormous tone even unplugged.

This was an extremely well thought out guitar, crafted by a Master, using only the best available tone woods.

Again, MINT condition and comes as pictured with COA, staplocks, etc.


From LaRose Guitars:

LaRose Guitars has been handcrafting guitars since the turn of the millennium. Building a various array of designs and allowing the customer to dream up their ideal masterpiece. Using only the finest materials, the instruments boast beauty and otherworldly tone. We overlook no detail and combine vintage ethics with modern mastery… holding fast to the theory’s that have long moved us though the gift of music.


The work at LaRose Guitars isn’t about endorsements or dreams of a factory floor churning out carbon copies. Fewer than 50 guitars leave the shop in a given year, and luthier Todd D’Agostino likes it that way.

D’Agostino can see the finished product before he makes the first cut. Each guitar that bears the LaRose logo is matchless, culled to the specifications of a specific player, from handpicked wood, to offer superlative tone. There is no assembly line for these instruments, just the Connecticut-bred luthier in his Tyler, Texas, shop milling, routing, and sanding by hand.

For over a decade, LaRose guitars have been finding their way into the hands of fastidious guitarists. Word of mouth, social networking, the occasional instrument that wound its way onto a music store wall, the work of D’Agostino has cultivated a growing contingent of enthusiasts. With six models that harken back to the classic designs of the last century, and bear his great-grandfather’s surname, himself a luthier, LaRose Guitars will continue to delight customers with instruments they can truly call their own.