Marshall 1959 SLP 100 Watt Head Voodoo Amps Platinum AFD Mod



Marshall 1959 SLP 100 Watt Head Voodoo Amps Platinum AFD Mod.



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Marshall 1959 SLP 100 Watt Head Voodoo Amps Platinum AFD Mod!

How cool can one Marshall possibly be? Buy this one and find out for yourself!

You’ve got a Marshall 1959 SLP 100 Watt head that has been given the ultimate treatment by Voodoo Amps.

This one has it all: Platinum Appetite For Destruction Mod, plus effects loop and 1/2 power switch.

The Platinum AFD Mod will cost you $1200 alone from Voodoo Amps AND you will have to pay to ship your amp there and back. Get this one as the Total Package!

It doesn’t get any better than this amp.

Shows a little wear hear and there, so if you would rather sit and look at your amp than actually play it, this may not be the amp for you. If you want TONE however, this is THE amp.

From Voodoo Amps:

Platinum Mod™ 
Standard Mod + Output, Power & Choke Transformers = Platinum Mod

Description / Specs:

  • Includes Deluxe Mod™ (see below)
  • Includes Upgraded Voodoo-Designed™ VA-AFD100-PM Power Transformer
  • $289.00 & $80.00 Installation fee (included)
  • Includes Upgraded Voodoo-Designed™ VA-AFD-C Choke
  • $49.00 & $20.00 Installation fee (included)
  • 120V 60Hz Operation
  • Superior performance & reliability
  • Improved power regulation
  • Greatly reduced noise and hum
  • Greatly improved feel & tone
  • Smoother feel & easier to play
  • A must for touring musicians, engineers and producers!
  • Platinum Mod™ will give you the best tone, feel and performance
  • Note – Includes accessory winding for footswitchable Solo-Boost Master Volume!

Standard Mod™  

Circuitry Modifications

Description / Specs:

  • Bluesy hard rock tones at your finger tips!
  • Added Master Volume (takes the place of channel Volume control)
  • Excellent pinch harmonics
  • Smooth and easy to play
  • Easier to bend & vibrato – you will no longer have to fight the amp!
  • Tone cleans up well by lowering the guitar’s volume knob
  • EQ section is much more active, responsive & musical
  • Brighter or warmer / browner tones can be dialed in via EQ adjustments
  • Deeper / richer bottom end – perfect for hard rock tones
  • Mids are very focused & cut through with ease
  • Increased harmonic detail & complexity
  • The tone is more inspiring, smoother & more fun to play on
  • Added Master Volume control
  • High Treble control converted to Master Volume, Normal control converted to Gain/Preamp control
  • 1 Input jack is active (Input 2 high / top input) – Remaining jacks can be converted in an FX-Loop, used for Add-On controls or removed upon request.
  • Please list “AFD Mod” in the notes section of the Mod-Form
  • Voodoo Mods™ retain your amps resale value verses decreasing it
  • Perfect for players & fans of Bluesy Rock tones & Slash’s 80’s tones
  • Want the 80’s Shred tones? Check out our HG-Jose Mods!