Marshall Handwired Jimi Hendrix Super 100JH 100w Full Stack



Marshall Handwired Jimi Hendrix Super 100JH 100w Full Stack in collector’s condition with COA.



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Beautiful Marshall Handwired Jimi Hendrix Super 100JH 100w Full Stack.

Excellent, collector’s condition, showing just a few tiny marks here and there. It sounds just as killer as you think it would and it looks impressive as well. If you’ve got this baby in your house you are making one helluva statement!

Shipping is available within the US, lower 48 only. It will not be cheap to ship, but it will be well packaged for its journey.



2006 Marshall Super 100JH 100w Jimi Hendrix Signature series full stack. The stack comes with it’s limited edition book of authenticity.There were only 600 made by Marshall for world wide distribution. This is #291.

The Jimi Hendrix Stack is sold as a set consisting of the Super 100JH head, the angled 1982AJH 4×12″ cabinet and the extra-tall, straight-fronted 1982BJH 4×12″ cabinet. Aside from a minor modification to the tone network that Jimi often had implemented, research and discussions with technicians and roadies has revealed that Jimi Hendrix’s circa 1966 Super 100 Marshall heads were completely stock. The limited edition Super 100JH head is a meticulous, handwired recreation of such a head, complete with the aforementioned modification to the tone network which adds more treble and bass.

The Super 100JH is an extremely straightforward amplifier. Its two channels — High Treble and Normal — each have two inputs (High and Low sensitivity) and separate Loudness (volume) controls. Both channels share the amplifier’s four tone controls: Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence. It contains three ECC83 (12AX7) valves in the preamp and a quartet of KT66 valves in the power amp, the later being standard issue in mid-sixties Marshall amplifiers.

As the mains (power) and output transformers are vital to the performance, sound and feel of an all-valve amplifier, Marshall went to Drake, the company which supplied the transformers used in the original Super 100 heads. Fortunately, all of the original spec documentation remains intact in Drake’s archives and the resulting reissue transformers mirror the all-important electrical behavior of the originals exactly.

The Jimi Hendrix Stack’s two 4×12 speaker cabinets — the angled 1982AJH and straight 1982BJH — have been designed to recreate the majestic look of the original, pinstriped stacks that Jimi used. Just like the circa 1966 original straight-fronted 1982 cabinet, the 1982BJH is nearly 7″ taller than a standard Marshall 4×12″, adding further to the impressive look of the stack. Also, just like the original 1982s, both JH cabs are loaded with Celestion G12C 25 Watt speakers, which have been specially developed by Marshall and Celestion to duplicate the sound of the original speakers found in authentic reference cabinets from that era.