Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Black Out Special Edition Multi-watt Tube Head



100-watt/50 watt, 3-channel Tube Amplifier Head with Selectable Dual Rectifier Switch, 50-/100-watt switches per Channel, FX Loop, and 6-button Footswitch – Blackout Special Edition



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Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Black Out Special Edition Multi-watt Tube Head.

Mint condition and sounds KILLER, these are sold out everywhere and tough to find. This one is a gem and includes original footswitch with cable.


The world-famous Dual Rectifier with an ultra-cool, ultra-distinctive look! This handbuilt Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Head Black Panel amp head is a special edition of the popular Dual Rectifier. It features a black Taurus front panel with blacked out vents, plates, and knobs. Talk about stealth! Three independent channels (each with its own 50-/100-watt switch) give you all the tones you’ll ever need onstage or in the studio.

Plug into a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier 3-channel tube amplifier head and you’re in for the kind of massive tone you’ve only dreamed of – until now! This all-tube, 100-watt firebreather one-ups its predecessors, adding a third channel to an already legendary amp. Now you can dial in that great chunky rhythm tones to make your tonal palette complete. As always, the Dual Rectifier is capable of the most mammoth metal tones out there, but now its even more versatile. Experience the pure power of a legend for yourself – play through a Dual Rectifier!

It all started in the early ’70s, when Boogie introduced the groundbreaking Mark series. These amps became famous for their gobs of overdrive and liquid sustain, making them sing through solos. When all this thick gain was combined with Mesa’s onboard 5-band graphic EQ, lethal crunch was the result, and it propelled both players and Mesa into the spotlight for the last two decades. Not content to rest on their laurels (or anyone else’s), the folks at Mesa sought a combination of the Boogie’s creamy tone and a huge low end that could track faster and stay tight even under the most extreme settings. Their quest for the best of both worlds resulted in the benchmark Dual and Triple Rectifier heads. Years later, the patented Dual Rectifier series amplifiers continue to blow away crowds and players alike.

The 1990s brought new amps to Mesa’s lineup that were built to appeal to lower-gain playing styles, and these amps definitely found their share of devotees. Yet with appearances on hundreds of hit recordings and thousands of loyal players singing (and playing) their praises, the Dual and Triple heads remain the mainstays of the Rectifier phenomenon.

How could Mesa possibly improve on such an amazing amp? They added another channel! These 3-channel monsters unleash all the punishing gain found in the original Recto’s two channels – and add a powerful third channel dedicated to rhythm sounds. The high gain lead channels now each have an additional mode dubbed RAW that provides gain levels below that of the original vintage mode. RAW’s touch-sensitive response lets you explore the heavier side of blues on up to classic rock, revealing the soulful nature of this amazing tube-rectified power section.


Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Head Black Panel 3-channel, Multi-watt Tube Amplifier Head Features at a Glance:

  • Blackout cosmetics
  • 100 watts of Class A/B power-switchable to 50 watts
  • 4 x 6L6, 5 x 12AX7, and 2 x 5U4 tube complements
  • Bias select switch (6L6/EL34)
  • Fixed bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
  • 3 fully independent channels with 8 modes
  • Independent gain, treble, mid, bass, presence, and master controls per channel
  • Output level control
  • Footswitchable solo level control
  • Selectable Dual Rectifier switch
  • Assignable series effects loop with send and mix level controls
  • Slave out with level control
  • External switching jacks for channels 1, 2, 3, solo, and effects loop
  • 6-button footswitch (channel 1, channel 2, channel 3, solo, and effects loop)
  • Handbuilt in Petaluma, California