Orange Thunderverb 50 Watt Head & 4×12 Cabinet Ltd Ed White



2014 Orange Thunderverb 50 Watt Head & 4×12 Cabinet Ltd Edition white tolex



NEW OLD STOCK, absolutely stunning 2014 ORANGE THUNDERVERB 50 WATT TUBE HEAD & MATCHING ORANGE 4X12 CABINET LTD EDITION SET IN WHITE TOLEX. The Limited Edition Orange Thunderverb 50 watt head (TV50H) and 4 x 12 cabinet (PPC412AD) are as sexy as it gets and need no introduction. This angelic set has no issues whatsoever and still comes with the original shipping boxes and was only removed out of the packaging for display picture purposes only. As the head and cabinet are quite large and heavy, shipping and associated charges will or course be quite expensive.

The Orange THUNDERVERB 50H uses a revolutionary new technology, Orange’s engineers have created a world first. A 50 watt interactive amplifier designed specifically for guitar and bass guitar! The secret is in the design. The Thunderverb 50 incorporates Extended Tone Range technology, (ETR). Its combination of ground breaking tube engineering and unique output transformers, (patent pending), enable the amplifier’s bass bandwidth to operate as low as 30Hz without distortion. This means that not only can the Thunderverb 50 deliver the most gut wrenchingly thick guitar tone you could ever imagine, it also sounds absolutely amazing when used for bass guitar.

Of course when it comes to drop tunings or 7 string guitars, other amplifiers will run home with their tails between their legs. Channel A’s Gain, Volume and Treble, Middle, Bass EQ controls can be manipulated to achieve an absolute myriad of tonal variations.

Orange TV50 H Thunderverb Features:

– Versatile, Twin Channel valve amplifier designed specifically for guitar and bass guitar
– Power: 50 Watts RMS into 4/8 ohms / 25 Watts RMS into 8/16 ohms
– Channel Configuration: Channel A / Channel B
– Channel A Controls: Gain / Bass / Middle / Treble / Volume
– Channel B Controls: Gain / Shape / Volume
– Shared Controls: Attenuator / Reverb
– Footswitch Function: Channels / Attenuator / Reverb
– Features: Valve Driven FX Loop Accutronics Spring Reverb
– Preamp Tubes: ECC83 / 12AX7
– Power Tubes: 6550
– Reverb Valves: ECC81 / 12AT7