Performance Custom Guitars Warren DeMartini Model 1-Off Solid Koa Guitar-Signed



Performance Custom Warren DeMartini Model 1-Off Solid Koa Guitar with G&G case.



Roadhouse USA location:

Very rare Performance Custom Guitars  Warren DeMartini  1-off in solid Koa.  This one is Hand Signed  by Warren in 2001 and was the only one made other than one or two that Warren kept for himself. This came from a private collection and you will never find another like it.

The Koa is exceptional on this guitar as you can see, both front and back. It plays great with a low, smooth action. Great necks on these Performance guitars for sure!

Back in the early 2000’s, Charvel was out of business and had not yet been acquired by Fender. Warren loved his Charvel guitars and Performance custom built a couple of very small limited runs that had EXACTLY the same feel, sound, and quality as his original Charvels did.  Warren became an endorsee for Performance and there were several runs down in the various graphics associated with DeMartini. A few years later, Fender purchased the Charvel name and started making the Custom USA Warren DeMartini models that are available today. Guitar from the runs of 20 done by Performance are seldom ever found, much less available for sale. This one was not part of a 20 guitar run and this is the only one that was for sale.

Performance is a small, boutique company in Hollywood California that has been building and repairing custom guitars since the mid 1970’s. Their builds are of impeccable quality and play like a dream.

It is in MINT condition, basically never been played. It is MUCH more accurate than any of the Charvel DeMartini versions being done, as we can attest to, having owned several of both. If you are a DeMartini fan, this is as good as it gets.

Guitar plays superbly and comes as pictured with original G&G deluxe case, keys, and trem bar.