PRS Custom 100 Tube Amp Head Paisley/Flame Maple W/Matching Paisley 4×12 Cab



PRS Custom 100 Tube Amp Head Paisley/Flame Maple W/Matching Paisley 4×12 Cab.



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PRS  Two Channel Custom Tube Amp in Paisley/Flame Maple  Head with matching paisley 4×12 cab

Rare, Paul Reed Smith Custom 100 paisley/flame maple tube head and even more rare, matching cab.

This amp is stupidly cool.

Stunning looks between the Paisley cloth and the ultra flamed maple front cap.

Amp is in mint condition and comes as pictured with original footswitch.

These were super high end amp with a ton of useful features on them. Very well designed and well thought out amp that simply knocks your socks off before you even plug into it.




The PRS Two Channel Custom 100W tube amplifier head was designed to be a modern guitarist’s Swiss Army knife of tone. Two channels pack more variety than you may expect, covering everything from expansive, chiming clean tones to tight, aggressive high-gain sounds. And despite its tonal versatility, the Two Channel Custom is quite easy to dial in fast. You get two footswitchable channels, a footswitchable solo boost, an effects loop (with send/return level controls), and a powerful set of tone-shaping controls. Sweetwater’s got your desert island amplifier – the PRS Two Channel Custom.

PRS Two Channel Custom 100W Tube Amplifier Head at a Glance:

  • Professional features and high-class toneFlexible tone-shaping control
  • A sweet-sounding, assignable reverb

Professional features and high-class tone

The PRS Two Channel Custom is easy to integrate into virtually any guitar rig. You’ve got switchable 4/8/16 ohm speaker outputs, so you can easily connect whatever type of speaker cabinet you prefer. And the effects loop has send/return level controls, making it simple to keep your signal level consistent throughout your effects chain. And just like every PRS amp, the Two Channel Custom has easy-access bias points on the back panel for easier tube maintenance.

Flexible tone-shaping control

You’ve got a lot of playing to do before you’ve heard all that the Two Channel Custom has to offer. Two channels give you everything from extremely clean tones to raw, aggressive high-gain sounds. For a more modern sound, the Mid tone control on the lead channel can be pulled for mid-scooped tones, perfect for metal. A presence control lets you dial in as much intensity as you want, and pulling it engages the Depth circuit which adds low-frequency emphasis in the power amp stage. Long story short, if you’ve got a tone in your head, you can probably create it with the PRS Two Channel Custom.

A sweet-sounding, assignable reverb

You get a rich-sounding reverb onboard the Two Channel Custom amplifier, and it’s more flexible than you might expect. Give the reverb knob a pull and it assigns itself to just the clean channel – push it back in and it’s on for both channels. So whether you like reverb on everything, or just on some of your parts, you’ve got what you need in the PRS Two Channel Custom.

PRS Two Channel Custom 100W Tube Amplifier Head Features:

  • Modern-sounding amplifier with features designed for the professional gigging guitarist
  • Master volume for each channel really lets you fine-tune your tonal combinations
  • Amazingly responsive and dynamic, with no loss of high frequencies when you turn down your guitar’s volume
  • Footswitchable solo boost makes it easy to cut through the mix
  • Rich-sounding reverb can be assigned to both channels or just the clean channel
  • Lead channel has a push/pull mid-scoop control
  • Pulling the presence knob engages low-frequency emphasis