Randall RB100LB1 Lynch Box 100W Amp Head MTS Modules-Mr Scary!



Randall RB100LB1 Lynch Box 100W Amp Head MTS Modules-Mr. Scary, Blackface, Treadplate.



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Randall RB100LB1 Lynch Box 100W Amp MTS Modules head including the rare and sought after Mr Scary module!

Amp is in extraordinary condition and shows no blemishes. Perfect working order.

Comes as pictured with the 3 modules listed.

Sounds truly amazing all the way around.

These Randall Lynchbox amps are few and far between these days. Grab this one before I decide to hang onto it!


Get the legendary Lynch sound!

Designed and based around the current RM100 electronics, the George Lynch Signature Series Lynch Box amplifier head is a culmination of Lynch’s legendary signature guitar tones from the past to the present. The Lynch Box comes with three Lynch preamp modules to let create the perfect amp head for the sound you want your audience to hear.

Each LB model is loaded with EL34 power tubes for that classic hard rock tone and thick bottom end. Simply choose and load any combination of Lynch’s four custom tube preamps. If four tones aren’t enough for you, choose any of the available tube preamp modules.

Mr. Scary: What you’ve been waiting for! It’s the Lynch heavy rhythm and lead tone of Dokken and Lynch Mob era. It has similar voicing to that of the Brahma with additional gain and punch. The standard 80’s high gain tone with tight low end and impressive gain.

Blackface:The Randall Blackface MTS Series Module is one of the many great-sounding channel modules for the groundbreaking MTS RM line of amplifiers and heads. Simply plug in a channel module that suits your tastes, and you can fill a room with anything from ultra-clean spank to molten modern overdrive – depending on the module. The Blackface MTS Module, as well as its 13 differently voiced siblings, works with Randall RM4 preamps, RM combos, and RM heads. You get Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Master controls, two 12AX7 preamp tubes, and a bright switch onboard the Blackface MTS Series Module.

Treadplate: The tone that defines the modern Nu-Metal sound. Cutting tone with strong low end punch, biting mid-range & sizzling hi-end definition. Covers any modern rock tone.I’m not terribly familiar with this module since it does not look like the other Treadplates that I have seen. I’m guessing this is a modd-ed Treadplate, but whatever it is, it sounds amazing:)


  • 100 watts all tube
  • JJ E34L power tubes
  • 3 modular preamp channels
  • Preamp channels: Super V, Mr. Scary, and Grail
  • Custom Dark Forest Alligator vinyl
  • Gold piping
  • Master Volume
  • Master Presence
  • Master Density
  • Series loop
  • Parallel loop
  • Front panel loop mix control
  • MIDI in/thru
  • Rear panel tube bias section
  • World Voltage selector