Two Rock Overdrive Signature Tube Amp Head-#6-Hand Signed



Two Rock Overdrive Signature Tube Amp Head-#6-Hand Signed.



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Once again, another incredible and RARE Two Rock.

This is #6 of only around 20-25 made of the legendary ODS amps.

Much like the EG Two Rock that we currently have for sale, I am not going to go into too great a detail singing its praises. An awful lot has been written about these amps and they live up to their billing. It is incredible.

This example is the 6th one made, I believe there were around 23 or so total produced, and it is in very good condition.

The tolex shows a few marks here and there, but this was collector owned and as such, it was babied.

Hand signed on the back panel like all of the ODS head were, it also comes with the original footswitch as pictured.

NOS tubes with plenty of life left on them; the amp sings and needs nothing.

If you have been looking for one of these, this may be your only chance to grab one. They seldom come up for sale these days, as the dudes that own them prefer to keep them.


From Two Rock:

The Overdrive Signature is truly a work of art, tonally speaking. Built on our long chassis platform with 100 watts, the OD Sig is a true performance amp. It’s preamp section is similar to the Custom Reverb Signature , but employs different control values for the EQ that are more open with greater sweeps.

There’s additional negative feedback in the circuit, adding to the bloom. The sophisticated reverb circuit utilizes 3 tubes and features separate send and return controls for both the clean and lead channels. The lead channel on this amp is truly amazing, with the ability to go from a very smooth overdrive to a very aggressive lead tone (which tends to be a little more aggressive than the Custom Reverb Signature).

This amplifier’s clean channel incorporates many of the characteristics found in the Sterling Signature(limited production single channel clean amp, out of production), with the addition of a unique lead channel and the aforementioned separate reverb controls for both channels.