1966 Gibson Melody Maker Pelham Blue Owned by Gunnar Nelson



1966 Gibson Melody Maker Pelham Blue- owned by Gunnar Nelson.


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Roadhouse USA location:

Completely cool 1966 Gibson Melody Maker in  Pelham Blue owned by a good friend of Roadhouse Vintage, Gunnar Nelson of the band Nelson!

If you are looking for a completely stock vintage Melody Maker, then this guitar is not for you. This one is a pro-level player’s guitar that has some incredible (and 1 of a kind) modifications made to it.

It plays exceptionally and just simply oozes vintage vibe. Naturally relic-ed this guitar is just plain awesome.

BUT. Don’t take my word for it. Here is a description from the Man himself on how he set the guitar up to tour with:

” I built this to tour with and actually play- so it had to sound killer and stay in tune. Lots of cool work done to it: full refret (med jumbos) and pleck-ed by Joe Glaser here in Nashville. Aged 3 gear Klusons (look stock, but these actually work and stay in tune). Seymour Duncan personally hand wound this pickup set for me. They’re like nothing you’ve ever heard before… not tele, not strat… but punchy like a P90 with great depth and ceramic glass to the tone (think Charlie Starr of BlackBerry Smoke). RS Guitarworks Vintage wiring kit. Wonderful Schaller bridge that I had aged that combines the clean look of the stock stop tailpiece with the adjustability of an ABR bridge. Super lightweight (I’d guess no more than six pounds dressed) and super resonant. Killer guitar!!”