Analog Outfitters The Sarge 15 Watt Tube Amp



Analog Outfitters The Sarge, 15 Watt Tube Amp.



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Analog Outfitters The Sarge – 15 Watt Tube Amp.

Analog Outfitters makes ultra cool tube amps and every one not only sounds killer, but is different from the last one. This one sounds great and is in mint condition.

If you are not familiar with Analog Outfitters, do yourself a favor and check them out!

The Analog Outfitters Sarge Amp is a 15 watt, dual EL84 head using authentic vintage Hammond organ transformers and phase inverter circuits and a tone stack that’s derived from early Fender Deluxe amps.

Each Sarge comes in either a black or grey heavy duty aluminum enclosure that previously housed obsolete scientific instruments.  The faceplate is made from vintage embossed signage drilled out for the three controls:  Volume (V), Treble (T), and Bass (B).  How cool is that!?

So how does it sound?  Think Tweed Deluxe with a Vox-ish growl and punch.  If you’re looking for plenty of clean headroom, this probably won’t be the amp you’re looking for, but it’ll actually clean up pretty nicely with the volume on your guitar rolled back a touch.  But where the magic happens is when you push this little guy.  As you turn up, the overdrive saturates nicely with plenty of natural sustain and compression, yet still has plenty of dynamic to cut through the mix.


Enclosed in a unique enclosure constructed from recycled steel, the Sarge is built tough and highly portable for any occasion. Each enclosure is slightly different due to parts sourcing, and features a unique case that is able to withstand any potential damage. Small enough to fit on any cabinet, the amplifier is powered by two EL84s in the power section, two 12AX7s in a preamp setting and a 5Y3 rectifier. This allows the Sarge to provide a gritty and authoritative tone that is able to make itself heard regardless of the composition of the sound. Highly versatile in its application, the Sarge is able to provide tones ranging from clean to screaming, with a distinct tweed-styled tone and a vibey aesthetic. Perfect for any style, the Sarge is well-suited to replicating the classic sound of guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and other legends of rock and roll. The Sarge features a unique personality and a fiery mojo that allows you to customize the perfect sound for your style.

(2) EL84s power tubes

(2) 12AX7 preamplifier tubes

(1) 5Y3 rectifier tube

8 Ohm output impedance

15 watts Class A power

Vintage power and output transformers

Repurposed steel case