Bacce Occ6 The Woman Guitar Custom Model Korina Body/Pistachio Top



Bacce Occ6 The Woman Guitar Custom Model Korina Body/Pistachio Top with original case.



Roadhouse USA location:

Beautiful, Handmade, Bacce Occ6 The Woman guitar.

Made in Madrid, Spain by Daniel Cabezas, this exceptional piece is one of a kind. Every aspect of the guitar is unique and breathtaking. The top is unlike anything you have ever seen and the hand painted ‘Growing Cherrywood’ graphic is also incredible.

The guitar is all original and plays and looks like the piece of art that it is. These are very hard to come by in the United States and this guitar would cost you $5k-$6k to have built IF he could even replicate another with this incredible top.

Get it while you can, I doubt we will see another.


Premium Korina solidbody (1 piece)
Mastergrade Savage Pistaccio top.
Wengue/Maple neck (3 ply).
Mastergrade Savage Pistaccio top on Headstock.
Premium Curly ebony fretboard.
25.5″ scale with 24 Jumbo/med frets.
Abalone, White & Bronze MOP “Vine Rose” inlays.
BACCE logo inlay.
Schaller Hannes bridge.
Sperzel Guitar Tuners Trimlok (Chrome & Satin).
The Creamery pickups (SC-SC-HB) Sonic Six & HB Set.
1 Vol / 1 Master Tone.
6-freeway switch pickups.
Snow White paint.
Backside with hand drawn ‘Growing Cherrywood’.
ABS TSA Hard Case


A little about Bacce:

“The luthier Daniel Cabezas is who attends this
small workshop located in Arganda del Rey, city of Madrid (Spain).
The philosophy of Bacce® Custom Guitars is to build exceptional musical instruments, taking in account the expectations and desires of our customers; being faithfull to the ideals of a 100% handmade production that reflects the enthusiasm and dedication that they put into each work. The most high quality wood selection and hardware, in addition to an exclusive dedication to the customer, make the base for this growing brand.

The attention to each detail, and of course, the final success with the instruments are the keys to make the musicial feel comfortable and cared within all the process. From this fundament borns this brand in the custom built guitars & basses world: All about consumer tastes.

Building versatile instruments has a primordial nature when you think about Bacce®. In addition to build one-by-one instruments and 100% handcrafted, as unique models, Bacce offers the capability of creating your own instrument, your shape, your specs and custom finishes.

In 2016 we received the Charter of Artisan Bussiness in Madrid for the Workshop and
the Charter of Artisan for our Luthier Daniel Cabezas.
This means a great acknowledgement for our passion, and of course, for our customers when buying one of our fully handmade guitars.
Bacce® was Finalist on Premios Artesanía de la Comunidad de Madrid 2nd Edition 2016.
Bacce® was awarded with First Prize in Arganda del Rey Entrepreneurs Contest 4th Edition 2017.

Bacce® Guitars is Co-Founder and Member of
the Contemporary Spanish Luthiers Association (LuCE)
Full Member of the European Guitar Builders Association (EGB).”




This beautiful guitar, was originally built for the Very First International Guitar Fair, in Málaga, 2014. It was developed starting from an older model called OccO, with the same top-line, but a continued base line at the bottom instead of the small arm-rest cut zone. Was named “Woman” because of the looking of the Pistaccio top used to look like a woman dress (shoulders and dress movement).