Jet City Guitar Custom Hand Built Super Strat 1-Piece Black Limba/Korina Body



Jet City Guitar Custom Hand Built Super Strat 1-Piece Black Limba/Korina Body

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Roadhouse USA location:

Jet City Guitar Custom Hand Built S-Type 1-Piece Black Limba Body.

This is a guitar maker that I had not run into prior to this guitar; Jet City Guitars in Belfair, Washington.

They make high quality, handmade, custom built guitars and I have to say, this particular one is OFF THE HOOK!

I am assuming that this guitar was a prototype of some sort, as there is no serial number on it. Moreover, pretty much everything about the guitar is beyond cool and it has the feel of a show piece, maybe a NAMM piece or something along those lines.

Starting with the incredible 1-piece Black Limba body, this thing is just oozing quality.

Further, the neck appears to be some sort of figured mahogany or something along those lines, I dont recall seeing anything quite like it.

The fretboard is most likely Pau Ferro  or Brazilian rosewood (at least in my opinion) and as you can see the grain and figuring is ultra nice.

The guitar plays incredibly well, as it did when it came into my hands. The neck is superb and the action is very low and silky.

Couple of clear cost impressions here and there that you have to hold it up to your face to see, otherwise, its near mint and has not seen much play time at all.

Weighs in at 8.2 lbs.

You can take a look at the pics and see for yourself. Keep in mind, I am guessing (an educated guess at least) as to the woods etc as I have no spec sheet on the guitar. The other stuff such as the Floyd Rose etc, you can see for youself. I haven’t pulled the pickups, but most likely Duncans or something like Throbaks I suppose. They sound great.

Overall, the guitar is so incredible, I literally don’t care if I ever sell it at all. That is how DAMN nice it really is.

But if you are into boutique, custom, hand built guitars like I am, this is one worth taking a look at. It is an exceptional piece that would not disappoint the most particular of players.






Stock Specs:


  • Alder, Swamp ash, Basswood
  • Arm contour and/or tummy cut (optional)
  • Pickup configuration HH , HSS, SSS or a combo
  • 4 bolt traditional or contoured heel
  • Traditional top jack layout or side jack



  • 21 or 22 fret
  • Maple / Maple or Maple / Indian rosewood
  • 10”, 12”, or 16” fretboard radius
  • Traditional black or cream face dots
  • Tusq or bone nut / 1.650 or 1.688
  • Jescar fret wire, nickel silver (your choice)
  • Traditional Heel adjust, Pinwheel truss wheel adjust, or top adjust