Bruno Underground 30 Tube Head Guitar Amp W/3-Knob Reverb-Awesome!



Bruno Underground 30 Tube Head Guitar Amp W/3-Knob Reverb.



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Bruno Underground 30 Tube Head Guitar Amp W/3-Knob Reverb.

If you are reading this, you know about Tony Bruno’s amps and how amazing they are. They are also incredibly tough to get a hold of at this point.

Here is a really cool example that does have his famous 3-knob reverb. (on the back panel)

Amp sounds exactly like it should; incredible.

Its in great shape and is a perfect example of why his amps are so sought after.



From Bruno:

The Bruno Underground 30 is one of the most coveted guitar amps in the world. It is an incredible sounding, hand-built masterpiece that has received rave reviews and awards from top musicians and guitar publications. This is an amp that must be heard and only then can you understand how an amp from a small boutique company could inspire such extraordinary endorsements.

The Underground 30 is a truly remarkable amplifier with superb clean and distortion voices mated with a vast tonal range, incredible dynamics and rich complexity. It’s beautiful clean voice has a silky chime that is deep, spacious and sensuous. The tone is really something very special. Crank it up and the Underground 30 screams with big mean ballsy tone mixed with exquisite upper-end sparkle, complexity and singing sustain. It sounds equally fabulous with either humbuckers or single coil pickups, layering sounds with lush harmonics while retaining excellent touch sensitivity and note articulation. (An almost impossible accomplishment in amplifier design that has taken Tony a lifetime to achieve).

The Underground 30 is available either with or without Tony’s Custom 3 Knob Tube Reverb System built in. This is the lushest, most spacious reverb system and has separate controls for reverb tone, reverb mix and reverb dwell. The tonal quality and flexibility of this reverb will astound you.

The Underground 30 features 36 watts of class A power from 4-EL84s, 3-12AX7s, and a GZ34 rectifier. Reverb models include 1 additional 12AX7s and 1 EL84 for the tube driven reverb circuit. The cabinet is constructed of solid pine for its sweet brightness and then fine tuned with a birch ply baffle for superb resonance. Finger-jointed construction is used just like the finest furniture which provides a very strong, extremely rigid, rattle free cabinet that will last a lifetime. Other features include premium tolex coverings, padded handles, heavy duty feet, stainless steel screws/bolts and chromed steel corners. Standard finishes are black, brown, dark green, red or cream with an Art Deco style control panel and aged Ivory “chicken head” knobs. It comes as a head, 1X12, and 2X12 combos.

The Underground 30 was the solid winner in Guitar Player Magazine’s Feb. 97 shootout of 23 boutique guitar amps. It was also awarded Guitar Player Magazine’s highly coveted The Year’s best Gear award for 1997 in their Nov. 97 issue. Guitar World Magazine loved the Underground 30 and wrote an excellent review in their June 1995 issue.

The Bruno Underground 30 is being hailed as the very best -The world’s finest sounding amp.